Tuesday, April 5, 2011


 Today I am trying to finish those quilt sleeves I have been PROCRASTINATING for weeks!
I have 4 quilts left to sleeve so I can hang my show on APRIL 26th.


6-8 pm
545 8th Ave
Suite 750

(between 37th St & 38th St)
New York, NY 10018

You are all invited!

More info to come...

 So what do I do when I am sitting hand sewing all day?
I catch up on all my favorite shows...
I love this cooking show...
Two, non professional cooking gals trying out recipes from cookbooks
and tell you if the cookbook is any good....

And while I sit here, I think about other artsty ideas and have my
sharpies sitting next to 
me to sketch ideas as they pop into my head......

Did you know SHARPIE's has a blog? Who knew!

I love the Rub a dub Laundry markers.. they don't wash out! great for hand written labels!

The art of crafting a home, one quilt at a time, at BASICS/Promesa Systems

OK this just came through also... 
This is more of the BIG thank you's to all of you for your Quilt Donations.. See what a difference you made!

Gotta go, stay focused... Happy sewing!


  1. I have never liked making sleeves, but I should for my larger pieces. For the smaller ones I am using double backed rug tape, holds nicely without hurting the quilt.

    I use the rub a dub for my rug backings and the castell art pen for writing, they dry instant and don't wash out.


  2. What's even better is having a daughter who interned for Sharpie and her designs went into production for sale! :o)

  3. Congratulations on your upcoming show! Wish I could be there. I have no doubt you'll be a smashing success.

  4. Good luck with your show. I wish I could attend. Be sure to post pictures. Hugs

  5. Hah! You are so hard working, you can't even pretend to be a procrastinator...there just aren't enough hours in the day to fit everything in, and that's not your fault!

  6. I am excited about a Sharpie Blog! Thanks for the heads up. I hadn't forgotten about that show, glad you mentioned it again. Going to have to check the scheduling here. You, my dear, are definitely not a procrastinator.

  7. hope your show goes well, that must be a great feeling to have something accomplished like that.

  8. Congrats on your show! One more reason to love April in NYC!

  9. Looks like the BASICS day was a total success. I had my boss busy piecing while I was in NYC, quilts for Japan, but I told her today we will shift 1 or 2 over to your group. It's amazing to see the photos, the look on their faces makes it all worth while.

  10. Good luck in your show!!
    I`ll looking forward for any photos!!

  11. Sewing on quilt sleeves is my least favorite part, so I put it off, too. I would glad do a swap....I'll do anyone's bindings if they will do my sleeves.

  12. Your show is coming right up - how exciting! Why isn't your production assistant sewing those sleeves?

  13. I think there's a lesson to be learned here - the way in which the quilts were given - with a lot of fanfare - it was more than the quilts - it was the message of the recipients being special and the quilts being special - the ceremony is an important part of the ability of the quilts to do much more than just keep people warm... wonderful, wonderful. Kate the Quilting Professor

  14. That is some seriously gorgeous fabric you are using for the sleeve!!! Beautiful!

    Good luck with your show, I shall look forwar to seeing the piccies, just wish I could come and see it!



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