Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ideas ideas ideas... Quilts in NYC

More blocks came in this week, I've been playing with them every chance I get...
Do you see your block in there?

I am thinking I will just make it rows 15 blocks long, and use the Column fabric in between...
  I love ALL the different fabrics you all are using...  they do not have to be reproduction prints.
You know I like it all funky and will mix it up with a bunch of other stuff too...

I figure I need about 90 signature blocks to make this quilt, so if you want to make one for me

I've already pulled a few FUN fabrics I want to incorporate into it... See what I mean... 
I know, crazy goofy... But that's kind of the way I roll! 

I picked up this catalog from a show at the 
Virginia Quilt Museum on Quaker Quilts and Heritage...  
I am fascinated by the quilts they made, particularly the friendship quilts...
Quakers believe in  honesty, simplicity, equality, and peace and 
recognizes GOD in everyone...

Truly good stuff.

 Check this quilt out below... Doesn't it just glow!
I found this fabric below, last week, and had to have it...
I may have an idea to make a GLOWING quilt like the one above....

Cool idea for a challenge don't you think?  
Make a quilt that GLOWS!

Like I need another idea right now... somebody reel me in...

Here's my recent purchase.... $41  Isn't it lovely!  It's very nicely pieced, 
and it has a few pieces of fabric that have deteriorated but overall it's in pretty good shape

Why is it those RED squares just make me smile every time I see one like this?
You too?


  1. Oh, perfect! I've been stalling on a sig block because I don't have "normal" colors (blue, red, gold) in my stash... but I have that KF "henna", and will use that to make my other pics. I know you are super-creative, and will make anything "work", but want to at least try to come close to your requested colors! Now I just have to find a water-soluble pen...

  2. I haven't forgotten, lol, guess I better think of what block I want to make. Love all the quilts and that sure is a good buy. Really love the gold batik, nice shade and pattern.


  3. I guess I better decide on a design. I keep seeing new ones I want to try. I love the glowing quilt challenge. That could be very fun.

  4. i'm trying to complete a few quilt tops before moving on. disipline, is becoming a forgotten word in my past. (of all things to forget)Focus. i really want to get a sig block made and mailed. really, really!! quilts, weeds to pull, garden plantin, grass to cut,royal wedding, Derby and making a sig block. and my handwriting stinks. good luck with your show. :>)

  5. I love that antique log cabin. Wow - $41 was a great bargain.

    I love the yellow fabric too!

    I had making a block for you on my weekend to-do list. Last weekend. It didn't get done, but if it's any consolation, neither did some of my school work... I'll try again this weekend.

  6. Yay!! My block made it to you! You really received quite a bit. Mine kind of is the bright one in the bunch... eh? Everyone start sending funky bright. this quilt will be gorgeous, I know it!! That book looks fab and what a wonderful purchase! The red is fabulous!

  7. I spy...mine! Looks like we may get to meet in person at SLC. I'll be helping at the RGA booth, and I have my tickets for the Meetup at the Blue Lemon.

  8. Love the log cabin!! What a bargain price!

  9. The log cabin quilt is great! I love the large red centers.

  10. Very cool log cabin quilt. A nice reward for getting your show up!

  11. Very happy that my block blend well with others and I can't wait to see how you will finish it !

  12. Fabric sorted for your block... some progress! A quilt that glows has been on my (long!!) 'to do' list for a while, do you think it may call for cunning choice of colour placement rather than intuitive fun...or could it be both?!

  13. Interesting spelling flub: "someone please real me in". I always need a dose of reality when I start dreaming of all the quilts there are in the sea... guess we're hooked!

    I actually hate my signature so I am not making a block :(

  14. So sorry for my spelling error! I guess the point was received anyway.. LOL! Sometimes freudian slips are better than the actual thought!

  15. Oh, my, I have that phesant/rooster feather looking fabric! Bought it to use in rooster placemats for my big sis, and Baltimore Album birds too. I'll make sure to Not use it in a signature block. I thought life would settle down so I couold make it late this week. Seems my sons wedding date has finally been set and I need to get the Save The Date postcards finished! Everyone from both families are taking part in all aspects of the planning and decorating. Too exciting!!! Drats, well not really drats about the wedding, just about timing. Maybe this weekend.

  16. Your sig quilt is coming along. I'm sure you will get enough blocks. The quilts in the catalog are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  17. lol - real, or reel, you in, that would be near impossible! and why would we want to? we all love you just the way you are! :) I plan to make your block this weekend, I've got a sewing fun day planned with a friend. Happy opening night!

  18. Red is boss!
    When did you ever have quilt design block... I bet never! My problem is which idea to use first!
    We are not realing or reeling you in... we are watching where you float off to next.

  19. I guess I should have rethought the fabric in mine! LOL. It will definitely stand out!

    glen: the blocks are actually looking good together.......except for mine that is

  20. I've been on kind of a vertical strip quilt kick lately too - love that idea for your siggy quilt! Also love that fabric that glows!!


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