Wednesday, March 9, 2011

way to many options

 I finished a couple cuties today....
This scrappy one for myself!  More of those super cute, tiny pineapple blocks!
the smallest on is 3"... it hangs in my kitchen.... 
Sew, cook, sew, cook... love it.
This just needs to be bound... and bury a ton of threads... But I will enjoy each and every one.
Do you like my solution for the outer border? I picked out all the other stuff 
and put in a simple scallop... I thought it was subtle and that it went nicely with the feathers....
I'm so pleased with the quilting... Remember how much I struggled with those feathers?

I tell ya.. keep quilting your quilts...because once it clicks... things take off...zoom!

Oh, HONEY CHILD, you decadent fabulous luscious colors.... 
What on earth will I do with you?
Slice you into a billion triangles to spread your savory colors around.....
Jennifer Paganelli, your brilliant! THANK YOU FOR MY GOODIES!

I'm trying to decide on a project that I will work on when everyone is here for the retreat.
Thought I may play with these... 2" Hst's , for a quilt I've been wanting to make for eons....

hehe, below, self portrait with a flower in my hair...
OR, Perhaps I will play with these red and make more above that above block...
I sort of slapped some wonky scraps on the corners like a snow ball... 
I like the red and green thing...!!??

OR I could play with my Christmas hex flowers....

OR I could dive in and devour my scrap bins and not come up for air....

OR, I could work on these, remember these?  Janet and I have been building 
these round robin style....
they are still going around...  I may want to keep adding to mine... 
I love them so much...
Janet, we need to confer on this subject... I love the stripes you just added... 
that green is awesome!
Anyway... You know how distracted I get, remember how off the 
map I got when I went to visit Jackie?

Creative people have that effect on me...
So who knows what  I will work on.... I still have the challenge KIM gave me on  
reworking one of her patterns... I just might need to do that....

By the way, can I just say, THANK YOU to all 
you sweeties who left lovely
You got me all emotional! Super touched and I
thank you all for constantly inspiring me to keep doing what I am doing...
I'm having a blast, and I hope you find your creative journey as rewarding as I do....

And Hey!  One of you may get my little challenge 
Now go PLAY! 
I dare ya!



  1. The best thing about visiting you is I never know what you'll share but it will always be colorful and creative!!! The quilting on Cloud is stunning.

  2. Love the quilting on Cloud, it is beautiful. As for what to do next, do a little of everything, keeps the creativity flowing fullspeed!

  3. I think your cloud quilt is just fabulous. Love all the quilting, oh to be able to machine quilt like that!

  4. Love love love your new mini! What a great piece to hang in the kitchen. I have more bits and scraps so I'm going to keep up my Hurricane piecing to make more fabric. It's great having too many options, which all the projects you have going on, isn't it!

  5. Your mini is sooooo sweet. Having too many options is so much fun. Much better than having none. Hugs

  6. The cloud quilt is FABULOUS! The border is so perfect. Great work V! Your scrappy little mini is adorable too. So colorful & inspiring!

  7. I love the wonky pineapple block quilt. So cute! I just learned how to make 'cheater' pineapple blocks at my guild this week. I'll post pictures and directions when my hubby gets back from NYC with my camera.

  8. Your two new little quilts are just stunning. You get better and better, girl! Can't wait to see them--and YOU--in person! Oh, my vote for you to work on is the red. I'll gobble up your red scraps. heehee

  9. I do remember all the feather quilting "angst" and now look at you!!!! The border is spot on and Cloud looks fabulous. Love the kitchen art too - gives me an idea for all my little pineapple scraps :)!

  10. Oh V, what lovelies! Your cloud quilt is fabulous and the quilting looks awesome. I love the spots of color in the corners. So glad you have so much creative juice flowing!

  11. your design walls just keep coming and coming and coming!!! WOW!

    me likes it all.. seriously.. ALL


  12. Your quilting has come so far so fast! The cloud is amazing...You are my hero!

  13. Your clouds are floating in whipped cream or maybe it's meringue....Whatever, the quilt is scrumptious!

  14. Clouds is perfect now...worth all that awful ripping out!!

  15. Cloud must have you in the clouds with how gorgeous it is! What I love about it is how it's traditional and not at all traditional. Kind of like you, I'd guess!

  16. Wow, I thought your mini quilt was beautiful and that would be it for this posting. What a delight to see the Cloud quilt! Your design and quilting are amazing. I hope my quilting finally clicks for me, but I have a long way to go.

  17. Cloud takes my breath away. Truly. Gorgous. The quilting is diving you totally rocked it and yes, what you chose for the border is fab.

  18. I love your cloud quilt. Did you really quilt it w/o a longarm? Fabulous!

  19. Gosh everyone loves Clouds and while I appreciate the craftswomanship I am in love with the mini scrapper. Now that's what I would want hanging in my kitchen. So many colors and they are all so merry. Reminds me of Marimekko somehow.

  20. Love the Pineapple confetti's so wonderful! And the stars with the feather quilting is amazing work....well done!

    I think the red with green thing looks like a poppy.....I love it! I'd make a bunch for whole garden full! Yeah!

  21. I was hoping to see Cloud before it got sent off to it's new owners. It's absolutely beautiful, the quilting is outstanding, great elements to it, and I love the border. Great choice!

  22. Just have to chime in and tell you how fantastic your Cloud quilt is. Amazing!!! And I love the mini, too.
    Have fun this weekend, V. It will be so much fun with all of you talented ladies together!

  23. You have so many irons in the fire, but that is wonderful and you wouldn't be you without them! I love, love, love the one in the kitchen. You know color speaks to me! Can't wait to see what you will be working on this weekend, or will you be distracted? LOL!

  24. Really fabulous and inspiring -- every last bit! And with infectious enthusiasm! :-)

  25. Have already expressed my awe for your Clouds in a previous post and just had to say that the Pineapple mini piece is joyous & delightful ... glad you are hanging it & hope you smile daily when your eyes light on it!
    Have a great retreat weekend!

  26. I just love your cloud quilt. It is so restful to look at and the quilting is just amazing.

  27. My oh my, I love the quilting on Cloud! Hope it'll still be around to see in person TOMORROW! Yippeeeeeee!

  28. I really love love love Cloud !
    And all your work.
    Hugs from France

  29. Cloud is AMAZING!!!!! Totally beautiful, really wish it was mine. Huge congratulations! :-)))


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