Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quilts of Provence

You know when you think you have a plan, and life tosses you other ideas?

I so love that when that happens!
Especially in my quilts!

Experience life as it comes at you. Be in the moment at all times....

Andrea and I both had our first lesson of machine quilting from my friend 
Both of us, have had HUGE leaps forward in our machine quilting and 
we revel in how far we've come.

I had been working on my medallion quilt I started during the retreat.. the pink, black, 
cheddar and blue quilt...  When, I went up to visit Andrea yesterday, and she gave me 
and EARLY birthday present!

GLORIOUS!!! Hear the angels singing?


Now that I have seen this red and black quilt, (STUNNING!!!)
My plans have changed on what will happen with...
my quilt.... CHANGE OF PLANS!
STOP THE PRESS! HALT!  Change-a-roo time!
I can't wait to quilt it!

Sometimes simple is better!

Be open to the creative possibilities!

Thank Andrea for my EARLY Birthday gift!  



  1. You had me at "Provence".

    Gorgeous! Absolutely amazingly gorgeous! Have fun with it.

  2. Wahoo! I'm loving it and glad you do too. :)

  3. I have that book and what I love about it is the way it makes you pay such close attention to the quilting. I think we who love patchwork can take things a little easy in the quilting department. I think this is particularly true with machine quilting. Doing the European/Welsh/whole cloth (you pick) style by machine gives the quilter much latitude but requires a lot of skill and creativity to pull it off. To whom much is given, much is expected. I am putting away the philosopher's hat now.

  4. I, too, have that book and treasure it. The stuffed white work and the infant christening quilts are much like your Cloud quilt. You do the same thing, only quicker!
    I do love your big black border. Interesting how all those black prints are loving it, too.

  5. I am thinking this is going to be spectacular! Can't wait to see what you decide.

  6. ooh, love the black - that's really going to make the center sing. you've only been machine quilting for a year??? woweee. amazing.

  7. Oh I need to put that book on my wish list! I love the black for outer border. Cannot wait to see how you finish this quilt!I love black in quilts.

  8. Wow!!! Love seeing the closeup picture of the quilting...gorgeous!

  9. Well that's gonna be a knockout!

  10. It is a great book. The photographs of the quilting are great. Have fun with the machine quilting

  11. Yes I hear those angels singing! That black will be great at showing off your beautiful quilting.

  12. Oh that black really makes the center medallion stand out! And what a perfect "canvas" for your quilting. It's exciting how a quilt design can change so fast. That's what keeps it fresh and fun.

  13. I know this will be stunning with your fab-u-lous quilting skills and design ideas! Quilting on black fabric can be done but it is hard to see sometimes - use good light and take breaks! :)


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