Saturday, March 26, 2011

Home and QUILTS!

I'm home!  What a trip!
I'm so in awe of where we just were, I have no words to share right now... just look.

More on that later...
I'm happy to be home.

We all ran down to the Empire Guild show...
EEEK! I was thrilled, I have a Judges choice ribbon and 
a second place for machine quilting ribbon on "THE STAR SPLITTER"quilt.
(It really paid off learning those blasted feathers!)

 This is the group quilt I entered for the show.
It is from a photo I took (below), and four of us each took a section 
to do our own thing to make one statement. We wanted 4 complete different looks to make one unit.

And lastly, my little NYC landmarks quilts, named "Beauty points" (left quilt, black red blue)

 Iran into Helen sporting her V-string Vest!
(stop by her blog and say hi... the name stuck! Helen no blog!)

 And pal Andrea with her Roses Quilt and a ribbon for best use of color!
Thsi si the quilt that brought the two of together as friends... Her color sense is fantastic.
Remember her other piece she was making at the retreat? scraps from this quilt. Beautiful!

Saw many other quilt pals today... Teri, Susan, John... So much fun!

Off to see some more Quilt pals tomorrow, and red and white show Monday... 
only so many CROWDS I can take in one day!

later gators, I'm exhausted...

So nice to be home!


  1. Welcome home! Your photos are breathtaking - what an amazing trip that must have been!

    Congrats on your ribbon win. That really is an incredibly beautiful quilt. I saw the group quilt on Pat Sloan's blog - it's wonderful too! And I absolutely love Andrea's quilt. I visited her blog after she guest-posted on yours because I just HAD to see the pictures and they wouldn't show on your site. Oh wow! What talent you ladies have. You are so inspirational!

  2. welcome home!! and congrats on your ribbon~
    can't wait to hear all about the trip & the quilt shows.

  3. Sew glad you are home safe V, and what an incredible place, awe inspiring! Congrats on your winning ribbons, yay. Gorgeous post xo

  4. What an amazing trip and I love the quilts, congratulations on the ribbons.


  5. Thanks for sharing the photos from your trip. Congratulations on your ribbon!

  6. Welcome back! Your photos are incredible- both from your trip and the show! Big congrats on the ribbons!

  7. Welcome home! Your trip photos are awe-inspiring. I can see why you have no words. None needed. Congratulations on your ribbons! Well-deserved.

  8. Сongratulations on the ribbons!
    So beautiful photos... Thanks for sharing!

  9. What great photos...imagine what it must have been like actually living there...probably not much time to sit and admire the view, though! Did you have to walk out, in the end?
    Star splitter REALLY deserves its ribbons! Obviously the judges there know a good quilt when they see it, for Andrea's roses are fabulous too! And I love Helen's vest...ideas...!

  10. congrats on the ribbon I can't wait to see the quilt in person today , but very excited to see your little NY quilt that AMAZED me as soon as you started showing it on your blog!
    see you later ;)

  11. I can't wait to hear more about your trip. Those photos are just stunning. What great memories for your daughter.

    Yay for your quilt winning ribbons! I love your group entry, also. What a beautiful interpretation of that photo.

  12. So glad that you are home and it was great to hear your voice yesterday! The photos are awesome, makes me want to return there. And best of all you came home to ribbons!! Congrats, that is absolutely fantastic and well deserved, I might add! And to Andrea too! Looking forward to seeing you soon... hopefully!

  13. Welcome home
    congrats on your ribbons!
    i loved your NYC piece.
    run over to the red and white!

  14. those photos from your trip are amazing - so incredible to think you got to see this in person. woohoo, congrats on the ribbons! the show looks wonderful and woohoo for the red and whites!

  15. Congrats on the ribbons and so glad you're home safely! Can't wait to hear about the amazing trip!

  16. So happy (and relieved) to see you at the Empire show. And so very pleased that you and Andrea are getting getting the recognition for your unique talents. Also enjoyed seeing your family and meeting your lovely Mom, who must be bursting her buttons by now!

  17. Welcome home! I saw your quilts yesterday at the quilt show in NYC. They are wonderful. And I recognized Andrea's quilt yesterday but just couldn't place where I knew it from - blog world!
    The Red and White quilt exibit is a must see. I had a great day in NYC!

  18. Welcome home and congrats on your ribbons! Will be hitting the refresh button often over the next week to catch all your posts about your trip. Can't wait to read and see...
    Best wishes,

  19. What an incredible place to visit! Congratulations to you and Andrea on the ribbons.

  20. Congratulations on your ribbons! They were certainly well-deserved.

  21. I really like the idea with your group entry...that is very cool and a great way to get an art quilt done. Thanks for posting.

  22. welcome home! beautiful photos!!!

  23. Wonderful photos of Peru!
    Congrats on the ribbons!
    It was so nice to meet your Mom at the quilt show and hear about how you used to make little pillows as gifts for family members when you were little. Awww.

  24. congratulations V ~ well deserved ribbons and thanks so much for all the photos. Did you have to walk to get out of MacchuPicchu (sp?). Can't wait to see/hear all about it.
    Welcome Home!

  25. Gorgeous places on earth to visit. Stunning vistas. Congratulations on your ribbon!!!

  26. Congrats V! I just got back from that show and saw your beautiful quilts. What fun! Can't wait to hear about your trip. See you next weekend!

  27. Welcome home and what an amazing trip. I'm going backwards through your posts as I still can not get your blog in Google Reader. Your quilts are amazing and so fun to see the awards for Stars that you seemingly put together so easily! Wow, I'm still in awe. And Adrea's quilt too...such talent.

  28. So glad you're home, that's so exciting about your ribbons - congratulations!!!

  29. Welcome home!!! What a welcome! Congratulations on your well deserved ribbons! Very cool and exciting! Love seeing them on display. Your star splitter quilt looks ginormous hanging behind you and B! This picture really shows the detail of the quilted feathers. Just gorgeous!

  30. First up, congratulations on the ribbons! Well deserved for such beautiful work.

    Second, I adore your family picture!

  31. Beautiful photo,s , stunning quilt you made , Other quilts a delight to the eye .
    Well done you , well done to your mum --cottonreel


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