Saturday, March 19, 2011

Guest Blogger, Jackie

Immaculate Inspiration

Hello Everyone!

I am so pleased that Victoria has asked me to do a guest blog post this week!! She
wanted me to tell all her readers what was my inspiration at her retreat.

At first, when planning on going and shortly after I got there, my inspiration was a
deadline. I needed to get a paper piecing pattern completed. It was a Judy Niemeyer
pattern called Seasonal Table Runners. I really enjoy piecing her patterns and this one
is going on my kitchen table. Here is the completed project. Well actually not yet pieced

But as I was working on this and watching everyone else dive into the scraps, new
inspiration struck!! I realized that Victoria was my REAL inspiration.

She gave us all a little piece of some fabric that she designed on Spoonflower. It was a
single Virgin Mary.

Mary had been sitting next to my sewing machine while I paper pieced and ideas kept
racing through my mind. So, once I was done with my table runner, I quickly dove into
the scrap pile.

With scraps in hand, I started piecing and cutting, piecing and cutting. I am pleased
with my final result. I love my little quilt top.

So I named this piece Immaculate Inspiration!! I think it is befitting and it was ALL due
to Victoria. Thank you, Victoria for giving Mary to me and inspiring me with your
constant exuberance and vision for wonderful quilts!

Please come visit me at my blog, Canton Village Quilt Works and say hello!

Happy Quilting,



  1. I didn't know Victoria designed fabric too - that is a nice piece.

  2. Thanks, Jackie, for posting for us while our fearless leader is away in Peru. I, too, take inspiraion from her, and it is a wonderful thing!

  3. It's wonderful, Jackie! Truly inspired!! :~D

  4. Beautiful post and quilts! I was amazed to see how you work, making it all seem so effortless. It's fun to see your smiling face again.

  5. Those stars are impressive, Jackie! Your Virgin Mary quilt is lovely, too!

  6. Jackie, I think you win the prize for Most Points in that terrific table runner. Can we see how it looks in your kitchen? You really showcased Mary in fine style, too!
    Thanks for all the tips you shared and for being such good company. Fun sewing with you!

  7. Lovely table runner, and how wonderful a pile of scraps can look when you get a little inspiration.

  8. Loved the table runner. It helps me remember what paper pieceing does the best...all those perfect points. Your Mary is inspirational by herself. Loved how you dove into the scraps and came up with a treasure. Scrap diving was truly irresistable. Bonnie

  9. Jackie I love it...Immaculate Inspiration the GGI's are truly present....smiles


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