Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Schoolhouse rocks.

 Thanks Beth for inspiring me to make this quilt, for our school's librarian! A thank you for the featherweight singer she gave me...
It will be delivered tomorrow... ;-)
I had some fun on the quilting, trying a few new things... 
The wool batting has made this just the softest quilt.
A special thanks to my daughter who helped pick out the fabrics...


Sending out huge thoughts and prayers to AU tonight... Ease up Mother Nature, please!


  1. I have really liked this quilt from the beginning. Love the quilting.
    How big do the quilts for the Basics Housing project need to be? Did you get the red rose fabric scraps I sent?

  2. Oh yes! Very definitely one in the win column!!!
    And ditto on the quilting , nice.

  3. Your quilting looks great- especially love the letters! Nice collaboration there!

  4. A star of a quilt! Just love the quilting - very inspiring.

  5. Awesome. I think Beth is going to be the happiest librarian in the world.

  6. Your schoolhouse really does rock. The book border is are the primary colors...and the dots, of course !


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