Tuesday, January 18, 2011

warming up.

These are my January SCRAP-BEE Blocks that I run at my 15 minutes play site..
I love being in a bee...
The mail you get is fantastic! Each of these MORSELS of loveliness inside the envelope 
just waiting to be ripped from the package...  
I have been quilting tops like crazy over here, but I had to break out and 
play a little today, so I made the LARGE block in the middle...

The block had started out like this... inspired by all the p lay going on at 15 minutes...
Then I just had an idea... well, there you have it... slice'm, dice'm, and on to the next...

 Over the FREEZING weekend, I did play with the denim and suiting's.... hmmm. 
So many options to play with... I walked out of the room, came back 
and they had all fallen on the floor... LOL!  
SO much for this idea... Not sure what they will become, 
I'll save that for another day...
 Somethign NEW?
Aw, what the heck... Me and BOO are heading up the Jackie's on Saturday, 
so I had to come up with something NEW to play with... 
I think it's time for some solid play... 
Rather dull colors don't you think?  Well, let's see what becomes of them...

 We never did get heat from Friday until SUNDAY eve! This was the THIRD attempt at the fuel truck trying to get into our yard... you may notice he is not parallel to the fence in this shot... He was stuck off the side of the road up against a tree.... LOL...  
he was pulled out, then just drove off... this was Saturday afternoon...  
Sunday afternoon, after having the driveway plowed a third time, he finally got to our house...
(insert whistles and applause here)

 In the meantime... we went sledding, Hubby and Boo went first.. 
it was a small hill that put you out on the frozen pond as yoyu sled down it.... 
the ONLY thing you could possibly hit, was a hay bale,
  used to sit on to put on you skates....
Well?  Yep! First go.... LOL!  
We were rolling on the ground laughing...

If your going to be cold, you might as well enjoy it!

But now we;re back in NYC, and it's 84 degrees in our loft... 
Awww, it's so nice being back the heat!
(Steam heat, you can't control the temperature in our building)

I'll take the heat anyday!


  1. Wow! Those blocks look fantastic..and I love the large block you put in there!

  2. Your bee blocks look fabulous! So much fun.

    Love the sledding pictures, gotta love the memories we make, right?

  3. lovely quilt! looks like y'all made the best of your winter at the house - no heat for the weekend must have been cold with just space heaters. 84 degrees in a house would be too hot for me, I would have the A/C on! Years ago we had an apartment with steam heat and couldn't control it either and had windows open at times in the winter to cool it off a little.

  4. Your quilt is looking great! Love the sledding pictures! What a fun time. Great memeories were made there!

  5. Your quilt is looking fabulous! I actually like those solids! :-) Great photos of your family having fun...takes me back to when my kids were growing up.

  6. I love your quilt! It is looking smashing.
    I like the denim and solids too. I am sure it will be beautiful. They are getting me excited!
    You all look so happy playing in the snow! Honestly, I wish I could be so happy and cheery in the cold.. May be in few years..still getting used to the snow!

  7. Somehow I think you'll add lots of pizazz to the darker solids. Lucky you to visit Jackie! Love your project progress and really can't wait to see what you do with the denim and suiting fabrics. I have my son's striped shirts just waiting for me to figure something out.

  8. Your bee blocks look great! I have really been putting your "15 minutes of play" to good use lately as I try to carve some sewing time out of a WAY too busy January!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  9. About those solids, I don't find them dull at all....but then my love of Amish quilts got me into the world of quilting years ago. You never forget your first love!!!

  10. Aw, looks like you guys had so much fun together, in spite of the coldness! Love your newest Bee quilt project! Those red strips make this look so 3-dimensional!

  11. The Scrap Bee quilt is looking fabulous. And it's just like you to add something even more original to it.

    I like your "dulls." We were talking about trying to make some quilts with these colors, after seeing the Picasso show.

    Looks like a lot of family fun in the snow! Ain't that what it's all about.

  12. You're going to have a great quilt there...Grandma would be so pleaed! And the sledding looks fun...great photos!

  13. Your bee blocks are amazing! I could just gaze at them for hours.

    That sledding thing looks like fun, except for the fact that you're doing it in snow! Maybe sand would be more up my alley.

  14. Glad you're back where it's warm. LOVE the 70s picture of you! Cute! When you get too warm, just think of me and the Cowboy in our little ranch shack with OUR space heaters! Ugh! I'll take the heat any day, too . . .

  15. I'll take the heat any day, too! Your no heat fiasco sounds a bit like my no water fiasco last Christmas when the the guy who came to fix our well got stuck in our driveway two or three days in a row. Ugh! In retrospect, it is funny, but at the time, not so much.


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