Thursday, January 6, 2011

still here

I know, where have in been, I'm not posting everyday!  LOL
It's been a very BUSY week... but all good... Trying to get some stuff finished 
and out of here,
so I can start this year fresh!  
Way to many tops that need to backings cut, 
small projects that need minimal things to finish them,
belated Xmas gifts to wrap up... you know...
the usual...

What are you big quilting (or creative) goals, this time of year?

Are your starting something NEW?
or finishing the OLD?


  1. OLD OLD OLD! I cannot start new stuff unless I get some of the old stuff out of the way.

    Well, the 15 minutes play is the total exception.......but then we knew that.


  2. NEW! NEW!
    I spent a LOT of last year finishing UFOs, and I am so tired of THAT.

    I'm making blocks for Victoria in the SCRAP BEE. That's new for me.

    I'm a little bogged down in my NEW Mostly Monochromatic GREEN top. Not happy with the non-green parts, but committed to going forward, not backward!

    New! New!~ Hurray!


  3. I am working on old things.with plenty of ideas of new when i get time from work also.

  4. NEW NEW and OLD OLD!

    Trying to finish old things, but always need new inspiration to keep going!

  5. Do I spy a tribute to NYC? Love the big stitching. Goals--the list is long. Yes to new and Yes to old. I have a priorities list I write 2 months at a time otherwise I might just stick my head in the sand.

  6. Great glimpses into what you are working on. Your "granddaughter" 's (sorry...just can't call you a grandmother!) quilting is looking good!

    I am working on old things AND new ideas! Now just to find the time to get things done.

  7. Planning one new...and one new from old blocks...intuitively...mostly!!

    Statue of Liberty fragment looks interesting and grandaughter's quilt is going to be another stunner! Well done, V!

  8. I RESOLVED to finish up OLD things and if I start NEW then only from to that end I began a TWISTER quilt yesterday. I cut up a bunch of 10 inch blocks, sewed them together and I'm ready to TWIST this weekend....FUN!

    Your NYC quilt looks pretty cool!

  9. Yes.... new and old. I can never work on just one project at a time. I have a modified 9-patch up on the design wall... partly sewn the rows. And I'm now making up another batch of "boobs" for Mrs. Moen. I have 15 free pieced ones (that was fun!) and a bunch of paper pieced butterflies that are now being made into boobs. When I finish them off I'm going to display all my boobs on me like I was the Mother Earth Goddess from the Neolithic period and put the picture on my blog. Tomorrow?
    Thanks for asking, V.
    <3 Terri

  10. Trying to finiish an old top, but I need to look forward to a new project. Am sewing the final blocks for a Japanese tatami mat quilt, but am casting sidelong glances at my rabbit pincushion and some Japanese scraps for something more fun to do next.

  11. I finished one at the end of last year and now I am stuck. good luck getting things done!

  12. I'm still working on Old late Christmas things so I can start on new. My goal is to start 15 minutes of play in 2011.

  13. Both!
    I always have something to finish et I can't help myself from trying the latest thing I see.
    Right now...two RRCB ( Bonnie Hunter's mystery)
    A scrap quilt for Quiltmakes mag's 'scrap squad".

    and a few quilts getting binding too

    Happy sewing

  14. Old and new. Old and new. What a wonderful cycle! It just goes round and round and I get to keep SEWING!

  15. These really show how quilting makes such a difference. I forget that. Thanks for the inspiration! Think I'd better get quilting something too.

  16. Old,old,old.....I need to finish up those UFO's. It is going to be a UFO year.

  17. My goal...during December, I sewed like crazy! Finishing old projects, starting new ones, finishing some of them - but the best part? Sewing almost every day! Creativity brings more creativity, and a happier me! Goal for 2011 - sew every day if possible, even if only "15 minutes"! :)

  18. I am on sewing room revamp part IV. Finishing up that process. Then my goals are to practice daily...and by practice, have some quilt tops that are created and completed...perhaps one every two weeks....I do have to work - smiles...My goal is to not worry about what it looks like...knowing that it will have a good home somewhere....

  19. LOVE all that stitching in your quilt! Great picture!
    The shirt quilt turned out fabulous too. She is one lucky girl!

  20. I love the colorful quilting on your NY quilt!

  21. Mmmmm, love the hand quilting V!


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