Friday, January 7, 2011

in A BIND (ing)

N's quilt is done with quilting, and I'm on to the binding now...
I also have been trying to finish my NY landmark quilt for the Empire Guild challenge quilt...
Thanks to Anne, who  inspired me ages ago with her little Empire state building block, 
I finally got to make a little New York Quilt... Gotta get binding this too, 
I need a pic for tomorrow! Nothing like last minute!

OH! Almost forgot!


Send me you address and I will 
get it shipped off ASAP!

Thanks to Sixth & Spring for offering the Book!

I walked out of my studio and found my TWO dogs snuggled up on top of ONE Quilt top... 
Even though they have the WHOLE couch to lay on....  haha!
What would they do if I fold it just a little smaller...lay on top of each other?


  1. Love that NYC quilt!! Your quilts--and pooches--look awesome on that couch.

  2. Your NY quilt is fabulous! Love the styling and the choice of fabrics (that border is great with it). I love it, a winner in my eyes! And the dogs are so funny... never mind a lot of sofa, there are also TWO other quilts there.. What is is about that particular one that is so inviting? nicer wadding? or thicker folded? Must be the warmest! Really funny, dogs are such a delight to live with! Best of luck with the challenge.

  3. A NY state of mind indeed...I love it...And I must say the colors and the spot of doggies are sooo inspirational...they want to be snuggled close on top of the love...smiles..

  4. Yay, I won that FAB book! Thank you so much!!

  5. So glad you are working on your New York landmark quilt. I love your interpretation! Yay for binding time. I've discovered I LOVE binding...go to get some quilts quilted so I can bind them. First up is one for Basics.

  6. oh my goodness! the two dogs on ONE quilt - precious.

    enjoy the (non-blizzard - phew!) snow. :)

  7. YOur pups make me giggle out loud, I can just hear the one whispering, "Quilt hog!..." as he is slipping off. ANd the green in the blue quilt, gorgeous. Of course I thought of the cross quilt I love so much! Happy Day Miss V!

  8. Wonderful NYC quilt. Perhaps your pups like to lay together to stay warm? That's such a cute photo.

  9. Those quilts are both awesome! I hope to get to binding today too. How hilarious that the dogs both wanted that one quilt, with all that space- too cute!

  10. Don't need the binding for the photo, do you? Oh well, it's a great day to sit and sew and watch the snow.
    Your design is smashing!

  11. Love the NY quilt too. Hope you get all the binding finished on time.

    Those two pooches are just too funny to see on that quilt. I just wonder what made them both need to be on that one? I guess they just know what they like!

  12. love your spikey quilt and ooooh, cute puppies!!!!

  13. Yup! you have got it going on. I am lovin the NY state of mind.

  14. Your pups have impeccable taste, that's all!

  15. OMG the dogs are so cute! Best dogs ever. They know quilts. Your Empire Guild challenge quilt is a sure winner. Brilliant!

    I am looking into coming to NYC for an AFAM tour on Feb 3. What's your schedule like that day?

  16. I really like your NY landmark quilt, great job!

    : )

  17. I'm loving your NY quilt! It will get rave reviews from your guild.

    We are battening down the hatches for major snowstorm #2 of this winter. They are calling for 6-8 inches here in Alabama. I may have to come up to NY if it's going to be that snowy!


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