Sunday, January 2, 2011


 A few days ago, Another great GIFT came my way.  This Young Man, Philip, 
is making a quilt for his community service hours project for the national honor society and 
will donate it to BASICS this spring.  I say he has the making of a very talented quilter! 
Don't you agree?  

 I love his very scrappy layout... And I can't wait to see how the rest of it goes...

Keep up the good work Philip!  Your doing great!
Speaking of generous  gifts...
My Friend Shelly and her wonderful family donated this quilt (below)top 
to me to finish and donate as I saw fit.
Thank you JACKIE for quilting it for me....
It now lives with our wonderful 80 year old part time doorman, Ritchie.
He is the kindest, generous, helpful man I know.  And I so appreciate him 
and what he does for everyone in our building.

I got home from long island today and found a box from  Heather,  
HEATHER, you are Fabulous, and I thank you deeply for the quilts...
What a great gift to find on my doorstep...

  One of the things I  worked on this week, at my house, was sifting through
the remnants of fabrics donated (by many of you) for the BASICS quilt gather. 
I have more blocks of fabric that can be made into quilts, 
and I ALSO have a  HUGE box of fabric Heather gave me this past 
summer to use for more Charity quilts.
I am organizing the leftovers with a goal of making 1-2 Charity quilts a month.  
You guys were all so awesome last year by being so Generous...
I can't even tell you how many quilts I made this year... 
The Charity quilts alone are at about 60, since APRIL. phew!

I have 4 more tops put together that need to be quilted.  
If anyone else is willing to quilt them, 
I'd be thrilled to have more help to keep it going...

And Lastly...


Well then...

  Just a friendly Reminder, We are aprox, 
25 Quilts away from 200 Quilts.

If you are donating a quilt to BASICS 
and want to be in the Raffle for a 
chance to win the Janome Sewing machine, 
I hope to have the raffle by the end of JAN.

You can CONTINUE to send quilts to BASICS...
they will continue to collect quilts for their families, 
even if you can't get one in for a raffle chance...


  1. I'd be happy to quilt a top for you!

  2. So nice to see the face of the man that received the quilt!! He looks so sweet! How cool that Philip is making a quilt too. By the way, you know you can always give me more quilts to quilt for you! I love the charity work. If you have any you would like quilted just bring them with you this month! Can't wait to see you again. Happy New Year!

  3. The generosity of quilters is heartwarming. You can see the joy on your doorman's face. May quilt for Basic Housing come flooding your way. What a wonderful project for a young man. Good job to Philip.

  4. I'm really impressed with the young guy making the quilt,what a fine job. So pleased more quilts are arriving for the Basic gather.

    I'm sure I can get another one off for Basic....cause I'm gonna win that machine ; )

  5. What a wonderful inspiring way to start my day as I head to the wilderness to chase Mustange, Ms. V! I'd love to quilt one. You know the addy :)! Ta ta for now, friend!

  6. Looks to me as though Philip could have a career in textiles...that quilt looks as good as many Hancocks sell as kits by famous names! Shelly's and Heather's are lovely kind and generous people are!

  7. Of COURSE philip is going to be a great quilter.....he's started on a juki!!!

    beautiful quilts - all of them!!


  8. I love Philip's quilt! He has a great eye for color and design.

  9. Some beautiful quilts there, gorgeous colours!! Some very lucky families will be receiving those beauties.

  10. Not sure if you found quilters for your charity tops that need to be quilted. If not, I could quilt one for you. I am no expert, only have a shortarm on a frame - and please don't compare me with the 'pros' though...

  11. That man is 80?! I hope I look that good at 80. :-)


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