Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Your intuition is calling you.

Step one.

I'm doing a project with my friend Janet. We decided we would round robin two 
matching blocks to make two quilts, so that in the end we each will have one.

I started it with the red cross,
Step two.
Added some blue and sent it on to Janet.

 Step three.
She added some strips and sent it back to me...
I love the colors that this project is taking on.
I really didnt' mean for it to be a CROSS cross.. so when I got it
back, I tipped it on point...

Step Four.
 I added some bits around the square, then I couldnt' stop myself
and I added a scrappy bit across the top and some colors to highlight across
the bottom...

TWICE!  trying to scrappy bit two the same was a very fun challenge...
now we have two... And I will send them back to Janet for her to play with...
I had to stick them side by side, because I had to see just how great it would 
look if I did a whole quilt like this!

How fun would this be? 
A whole bunch of them together!

This is what I mean about PLAY time.  
Think randomly, don't think about the outcome.  
Come up with something new and unique to you,
and RUN with it!

You can come play with us, and make your own Intuition quilt.

 I did find a backing fabric stashed away in my studio here, 
packed away under,

"why did I buy this bright fabric?"
Now it's Basted and ready to quilt!

It's perfect for Nik's quilt! Bright cherry and oh, So fun!

Now Go play!
Let those scraps FLY!


  1. Thanks for this fun quilting activity. I've joined in and I'm so looking forward to where it will take me.

  2. I've got a couple of those "now why did I buy this fabric" fabrics that I've been using a backings, too. It turns out, they were perfect purchases for those reasons!

    I'm enjoying seeing your intuition robin.

  3. Fun. Love that blue behind the the process! Happy snowed in sewing V!


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