Monday, December 27, 2010

Snug as a bug

 Thank you Jackie, for sending me yardage of 
Robert Kaufman chartreuse green for Christmas.... 
How did you know I'd need that for the binding?  Your fabulous!
The Jennifer Paganelli on the back makes the whole quilt...
About 100 more threads to bury, but I will snuggle under it anyway....

Darkness came to quickly to snap a decent picture of the granddaughter's quilt... 
But you get the idea...  
Purple and green per her request, using the 5 shirts 
she selected from goodwill
I forgot to bring a backing fabric along... 
and no fabric stores near by... so basting may have to wait 
unless I can scrap something
together... hmmm... more to play with!
And a little more scrap play....

Are stuck at home hiding from the snow?


  1. You're right, that JP backing fabric is just perfect for your gorgeous Christmas quilt! I love how it's all tied together so wonderfully.

    Looks like you're enjoying hunkering down during that blizzard. We ended up going skiing today!

  2. that JP fabric is so fabulous for the backing! i just love this green/red quilt! how fabulous!!

  3. Oh yeah! The backing is perfecto.
    And granddaughter's quilt ~ what a lucky girl to receive this. I LOVE it

  4. I think the East Coast got all of the snow. Your quilts add lots of color to an otherwise dreary day. I like the way you play.

  5. Love the backing on the red and green quilt! It just looks more wonderful every time I see it!

    We were house bound today and loved it! I did some sewing, the kid did alot of napping and laundry. hehe. I guess we have to get back to reality tomorrow.

    Stay warm! ox

  6. Love the quilts. The Red Cross quilt is still beautiful! I really love the backing you chose.

  7. Oh you've been so busy!

    Yes plenty cold and tons of snow up here.......nice to hang out in my sewing room :0).

    Merry Merry

  8. The backing on that red cross quilt is perfection!!

  9. Fabulous! Both quilts look fresh and playful. Lots of energy in both!!

  10. Oh yes, and that fantastic red and green quilt--great backing too!

  11. Glad you are staying warm,holed up and safe during the blizzard! Love the colours of the new top and love the green quilt more every time I see it!

  12. Two great quilt tops done...and another on its way...those golds are perfect around the red/blue centre. What next?!

  13. Oh how I love that red cross quilt.
    I'm definitely stuck until my son can get me out. No problem-I have lots of fabric and a big pot of soup on the stove.
    Stay warm.

  14. fabulous quilt - lovely. and wheeee, the gifty quilt is wonderful too.

  15. We are having a wet and green Christmas here in the Pacific NW. Send snow! Your red/green cross quilt is AMAZING. The machine quilting is fabulous! I just got caught up on a few of your blogs, looks like life is good in NYC!
    Merry Christmas to you, and thanks for all the sharing you do throughout the year, it's inspiring.

  16. Gorgeouos quilts! Looking at your blog always makes me want to run to my sewing machine. My first quilt of the new year will be a string quilt inspired by you.
    Happy New Year!

  17. Your Christmas quilt looks amazing!!!
    The shirt quilt for N turned out really cute. And the scrap yellow quilt is some good stuff!!!
    Have a wonderful day, my friend!

  18. Did your roads get plowed up there?

    Snowy days here in Pokeytown :0)

    Happy sewing days too

  19. Ventured out for a stroll today and got back home safely....Treacherous out there with all those SUV's fishtailing in this slush. I'd rather be quilting!

  20. Bury the threads? On a machine quilted quilt?

  21. Thank you!! You are pretty fabulous yourself and the binding looks just perfect! I am in love with granddaughter's quilt... just gorgeous!


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