Monday, December 13, 2010


 Why does inspiration hit when I absolutley have no time to focus on it...
well, if I take just a minute to make a few blocks...

 I finished my applique parts tot he above quilt,
and planned on diving into my red cross quilt to get that thing quilted asap...  
But, I made this mess instead... I couldn't resist...

 I need to be cleaning my very messy studio for Thursday eve... 
I did get everything off the floor to clean that, but no wit's all piled up on my sewing table...  
But maybe I should just sew one more set of blocks for the Star Bird quilt first...

 But wouldn't it be fun to play with the Sunset blocks?? 
Just a few strips....

 ACK!  ADD alert... get back to the crosses....

Jenny Egg, what have you been into?
Now where was I?
+ + + + + + + + + + + + +


  1. Oh V! I had the ADD yesterday too. Sensory overload. Your quilts look fabulous though!

  2. You ate too much cookie dough yesterday and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! Oh, your sweet pup can't even keep up! Love to you, chica and good luck staying focused. wink wink!

  3. ADD can be frustrating but with you it always seems productive and colorful and amazing! Jenny Egg must have been feeling a wee bit neglected!

  4. Such lovely distractions though :). Remember.... calm....

  5. I fully relate to quilt ADD. Really enjoy seeing your projects!

  6. Sometimes you just have to go with whatever the mood is at the moment. And making a mess may just be part of that. Jenny Egg looks too cute with the little scrap on her nose. By the way, the quilting on the cross quilt is just coming up beautiful!!

  7. Loving it!!!! Who needs shopping mall madness hey?CIao

  8. I love what you have on your design wall. And that is a SERIOUSLY cute dog.

  9. Everything looks so great but I'm soooooo loving that red cross quilt. Thanks for the funny pup shot! First chuckle in days...

  10. Is there a full moon. Me thinks that you aren't the only one with ADD going on. But then, it is so wonderful to see. Give Jen a pat, and keep on doing whatever you are doing

  11. LOOOOOOVE your quilts! OHHHHHHH, damn inspiration! I just cannot cannot get more distracted right now! I sooo get you... but you are just eeeeeeeval for sharing! you temptress, you... Love YOU!
    I am so planning to get your baby done under a palm tree over the break...


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