Saturday, December 25, 2010

the day

The day after... 
Santa in his everyday clothes, vacations in Central Park, NYC...

 I think Santa did a good job this year...

He's getting to know me pretty well, to bring me a quilt 

Made by Artemeasie Brandon
Port Gibson, Mississippi
74 x 82 inches


This exciting quilt, which the maker calls "Bits and Pieces," won FIRST PRIZE in a CONTEST and Recognition Ceremony held at the Cultural Arts Center in Port Gibson, MS in 1993.

I need to find a specials place for this one...

 Here is The other really cool Quilt related thing I got. 
My sweet hubby totally surprised me on these.... All the way from Lyon, France...

Raoul Duffy, was not only a painter, but he also designed textiles...
Really very cool. I am so touched that my man selected these for me...

 I know just the quilt top waiting for borders, that I can use this brown and pink piece on...

Time to put up my feet and flip through this other goodies:
here and 

We've feasted,  and now we rest...  

I hope your day was filled with surprises and love...


  1. What a great day!! You really did get some wonderful quilty things. The quilt is gorgeous and the fabrics are divine! I just love the photo of the three of you. Merry Christmas!

  2. Such a beautiful quilt! I hope you get to nap under it today!


  3. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas, we did too and fun was had by all.
    I love the quilt you got.

    quilting hugs

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  5. Michael did great! I love the photo of you, Beatrice and the man himself.
    Merry Christmas my friend.

  6. Gasp!! That quilt is completely wonderful.
    Someone knows you very well (and loves you muchly).
    Merry merry.
    Andi x

  7. Isn't it wonderful when someone knows you that well and can find treasures that you will love? So glad to hear that your day was wonderful and hope the New Year is, too!

    I'm looking out the window at even more snow after our huge snowstorm yesterday here in the south.

  8. Wowee, what amazing gifts. that quilt is wonderful!

  9. I am a daily reader of your blog and
    want to tell you that you make amazing
    quilts. Also that your generosity
    goes way beyond the norm. Love the
    picture of the three of's a

  10. So glad that quilt ended up in your home! Have a wonderful holiday...

  11. What to give a quilter - a beautiful quilt to enjoy and wonder about each block! All your gifts were great choices for you but the best is the picture of the 3 of you - that needs a frame!! Enjoy the week. I'm picking up my Word Play Quilt book on Tuesday - can't wait!!

  12. Oowie! That is some fabulous quilt!! Great fabrics too!

  13. beautiful quilt, lucky you!!!!
    oh the fabrics are awesome can't wait to see what you do with them...
    Hope B had a wonderful Christmas too.

  14. That quilt is a treasure! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Time to stay in and sew in this snow!!!

  15. your christmas gift is AWESOME!!!! you must be a good girl all this year!

    love the last photo! it is really beautiful, it shows the wonderful family you have!!!


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