Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Well, it's 55 degrees, raining, and I have my car heater on... Wait?
Am I still in NY??
LOL.... Should I be surprised? The last time I was in Texas, it
snowed, the first snow in Dallas in March in 100 years... So, no, I
shouldn't be surprised... Nor should I be surprised that Shelly
(shellsquilts) is still wearing flip flops and I am wearing Socks in
my fancy ballet flats.... Hahaha!!
I was just in an antique store, and someone commented on my lovely
shoes with my socks... I said, well, I was fooled to think it was WARM
in Texas!! Hehehe!!! Well, my tootsies are warm...anywho!
I love looking at old beaded clutch purses and came across this
homemade clutch from four old ties... Very clever I thought, but not
clever enough to take home...

Shelly is working, so I am scouring Austin, until I can get into my
hotel adventure!

Shelly from prairiemoon quilts is on her way to us... Driving from
Missouri! We are meeting up and heading to Houston Friday morning...
I'm thrilled to be away from my sewing machine... I so needed a break,
And I can not wait to go see some gorgeous quilts with all my pals...
There's still time to buy a last minute ticket to come on down! We'll
be here!!

Now, I may need to go buy a fleece hoodie, just to stay warm!

Toodles from Texas!

-- Victoria


  1. happy to hear you made it to Texas! Seems like there's always surprises in store for you there. How cool that Shelly from Missouri is coming too. Have a fantastic time with the gals!

  2. Can't you wrap yourself in a quilt?! Hehehe! That cluch purse could look great with nicer ties...look out husband when V gets home!!

  3. Brr....think I'll take my 90*+ temps today.

  4. if you are in austin there are some fabulous stores on south congress! have fun!

  5. Wish I were there with you, froze toes and all. Enjoy!

  6. Give Texas a kiss for me (although I don't quite know how you'd do that). It used to be home for me; I miss it!

  7. I'll tell ya, been thinking about you gals all day long! Texas, Texas, Texas! Have a good, rowdy time!

  8. Sounds like one of us is having too much fun! Hope you and your buds have a great time!

  9. Buy some fabric and stuff your clothes... that'd be warm.
    <3 Terri

  10. Sounds like you went prepared at least! LOL Unfortunately I only won £5 on the lotto last weekend so it won't be me with the last minute ticket this year! (still, that's half a meter of fabric :) LOL) Have a fantastic time!

  11. Glad you're having so much fun. I'd love to see how that little clutch was made - I have a bag of ties my husband got tired of and haven't found a project to put them to use.

    Keep warm!


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