Sunday, October 31, 2010

trick or treat NYC

Trick or treating in NYC is fabulous....
We have pockets of areas with townhouses, that go all out
decorating for Halloween.... These folks do this every year...
A coffin on their front steps, and as you walk by, he sits up 
and screams and roars at you.... Kids freak!
click images to see larger

A murder who dun it.... the outline, the smashed pumpkins, blood  and hammers...
evidence markers etc.... this was new, and very clever!
All sorts of ghouls and gobblins, careful not to lose your head, like this guy!
Or this guy in White laytex gloves!
Decor, spiders, ghosts galore...
NYC Finest rats, and beware of the garbage cans!
Tricks and treats loaded with fun!
I'm thinking I should rock this look everyday like I'm 15 again...
(maybe not!)

A Motley crue indeed!


  1. Happy Halloween to you and yours, V. Looks like you guys were rockin' it! Is that a safety pin in your ear?! LOL!

  2. What a scream!! LOL! How cool you both look and wow do they really deck out for Halloween!! Good to talk with you today. We are early to bed so we can get up super early to come home... boo hoo!

  3. Happy Halloween! Those are some scary photos, but how fun! I like the latex glove guy. And, I like your rockn hairstyle!

  4. Rock on Victoria! Love your new do! And your's and B's costumes are fabulous. Looks like so much fun to scour the NYC neighborhoods for such great Halloween decorations and costumes. I love that people really get into it!

  5. Thanks for the fun visit to NYC on Halloween. Love the new hairdo!

  6. You could totally rock that hair all the time.

  7. I love Halloween, and the pics that you posted are so creative. It was fun to see them; thanks!

  8. Never mind the kids freaking...I would too!!! Your new look is really great...for Halloween!

  9. Now I want to see pics of the 15 YO you with that hair! LOL You both look fantastic! Thanks for the NYC tour, the parade made the BBC news this morning!

  10. That's amazing! Look at how far out people go! Thanks for the photos, really enjoy seeing them. You both look great too! I would believe 15 any day! :-)

  11. So much fun! You look fabulous-both of you.

  12. Great look at your Halloween ghouls and ghosties. Love your hair do.

  13. Thanks for the pics of NYC Halloween! It's more fun to join in with the kids. Why should they have all the fun. We did a diorama in our garage of the greenhouse in Harry Potter. I made up cuttings of my plants to give away in recycled "pots" and some seed in paper envelopes I made up with the help of my printer. Kids loved the extra give aways. It was more about selecting a plant than about the candy at our place.
    <3 Terri

  14. Oh my...LOVE the hair!!!

    Nice post of all the quilts and All Hallow's Eve...looks like FUN!

  15. Oh Man, that is my kind of Halloween!

  16. That looks really fun! My boys would love it!


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