Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ragamuffin complete

 Today, I tackled the Ragamuffin... more than half of it was together and it was time to get it off my design wall....  I hope to clean up the studio before I go to Houston... 
There is something nice about going away and coming back loaded with ideas.... 
ready to dive into a clean studio...

I did a post recently about being surprised how easily this quilt went together...
It really did for the most part...
Can you believe all these blocks, from all you lovely readers across the globe, 
fit so nicely all together... 

You know what that means right?
There are no wrong choices, 
no wrong fabrics... or colors...
They just need the find their way into the right quilt...
Thank you!

 At mid day today, I got all of this above, put together,
and ran to pick up my daughter from school, and made a deal with her that, 
Tonight, I was going to finish this quilt.  Period. 
I only had this little square left to finish....(above)
I had a rhythm going and I did not want to break it...

 It was a huge joy to see all the blocks you all sent in for this quilt...  I have learned a lot about
many kinds of patterns and block styles, applique styles, piecing styles etc.  
You can learn quite a lot by looking at the backs of your blocks...
For instance, if you don't know Carol, from postcards from panama....
hop over to her blog and say hi... This girl can piece on a machine like I've never seen before...

I saw some great paper piecing blocks, Some of you use starch, so that was interesting to sew on,
as I have never used starch...  I'm curious now! I like how flat and perfect everything laid...
Only a couple hand pieced blocks... I guess machine rule...
 I've used up nearly every block I rcvd.... 

STARS, pinwheels, and HOUSE blocks ruled... Interesting!  
Not many all solid blocks...
One kid print block. (doggies!)
and really cool a bunch of Folded, origami style blocks...
I've never done that, so that was fun to look at...

I have about 4 or so blocks left, that I will put into a pieced backing...

I had thought that I would put a fun border around this because 
I didn't think It was going to be big enough....
 It's 109"X 111"
It hangs perfectly down the sides of my King bed....
I don't think I need that fun border any longer...


  1. wow! awesome! You know what? My bed growing up had that same yellow head board in the twin size version!!! Very 1970s!

  2. Another awesome quilt! Great use of all the blocks and what a fun way to learn all about the different kinds. I am getting Houston all prepped and ready for you and I promise to leave some fabric behind for you.

  3. I love,love, love the kind of quilt! It looks so cool on your bed.

    : )

  4. This quilt looks even more amazing when it is on your bed! I see my blocks.....2 house blocks on the left hand side with the yellow windows! Love it!

  5. Another fabulous quilt! Where do you get the time?? I just love it.

  6. ooohhh that turned out great. i see one of my blocks on it. great job...beautiful quilt. enjoy it

  7. When you asked for the blocks, I just could not picture what you would end up with but I love it! Now I am wishing that 50 strangers would send blocks to ME! You have such a creative mind! You inspire me!

  8. Another great top. I really do like these pieces of yours.

  9. Wow! This is so inspiring! From the start of this project, I've thought you have a lot of courage to tackle this! You have proven that anything and everything can go together to make a fantastic quilt!!

  10. Holy cow, I never suspected it would be that big! Looks good though. And that's a true sampler quilt, if ever I saw one. A great collaborative quilt.

  11. I see my block too! How fun! Another great one. Enjoy your time in Houston! Safe travels.

  12. Wow! Love the quilt! Amazing how so many different blocks fit right in. Fantastic looking quilt!

  13. It looks awesome! Have fun in Houston

  14. Fabulous! No border required, for sure.

  15. Another great! I just sent all my orphans to a friend that uses them in charity quilts. I might have to save a few for me next time and try this.

  16. You did a remarkable job in arranging this motley collection ! I could spend days looking at it.

  17. I am amazed at how this one came together! Even more amazed at how huge it is. It looks fabulous on that king bed. This is such a fun project to see!

  18. Oh wow. This is pretty, isn't it? Nice job of putting it all together. You definitely have the knack!

  19. Ragamuffin is amazing, I love it!!

  20. It is just terrific.......
    Now how are you going to quilt it?

    Happy Sewing

  21. OOH I love these merry-mix-up quilts!

  22. Woohoo That is one super duper block party going on on your bed!! Amazing multiplied by a million would be close to describing how fantastic this quilt is. King size is huge, how will you quilt it?

  23. Love the quilt. It seems like the perfect size for your bed. I also love your headboard. I wonder what it would look like painted black...

  24. I love how this quilt came together. I have received such inspiration from your blog. Thank you.

  25. Victoria - I wrote you an email - but just thought I'd post here as well - my Patchwork of The Crosses block is hand pieced - I am flattered that you thought it was machined pieced - I do strive for 12 stitches to the inch! I think you'd have to be crazy to try and machine piece 24 Y seams per block!

  26. Holy catfish! But I'm really not surprised that it turned out so big - you have a lot of fans. :- )

  27. love it love it love it!!!!! fantastic - congrats!

  28. Love it! The scrappiness is so fun and fresh - way to go!


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