Saturday, October 2, 2010

My SUN has come!

Another question: (continuing the last post)

I'm wondering if you ever get overwhelmed by all the selection of fabric, the possible combinations that could be made for one quilt or does that energize you, thinking of all the possibilities?

I find I don't start to get overwhelmed until I have a HUGE mess, and I can't get any finishes... I'm a procrastinator...  I like to work under pressure, example, 20 quilt sin one month for a fundraiser?
Sure what the heck!  (eeek!)

I like to think Quickly on my feet.   I make decisions very quickly, and often my first choice, stays.
It's rare that I get stuck on a project and try 20 things to see which looks best...
I'd say more times than not, the first thing you put up, is the winner...
And if it's not?  Then you continue to add stuff after and you make it work...

When I look at old quilts, or quilt tops, and I think, What were they thinking putting that weird fabric with that fabric...
Best guess is they weren't thinking... They used what they had, it added to the size of the quilt, and wallaa!  You have a finished piece..

That is the kind of thing I love.

I have stacks of fabric, but I think I rarely go digging through them to find the most perfect thing...
I often grab whats on top...

Or better yet, grab a scrap bin and throw it up and make it work...
Do I get energized by a fabric?
Sometimes.  Often just big bag of scrap make my heart sing...
Does it overwhelm me?  Never.

Mostly it's a color that sets me off on a  new direction...

Oh the places it takes me... 

I've made so many RED quilts...
If It's not a red quilt, I think, nearly every quilt I've made has RED in it somewhere.

A good saturated red, doesn't get any better...

But I have to say, ORANGE is my favorite color, 
I have some orange pieces, but not nearly enough...
And when I travel to HOUSTON the end of the month, 
I will be on an ORANGE mission.
(sellers beware!)

Something like that taxi orange/yellow that is bordering my stars quilt right now.
And Some good tangerine color....  ooh! my heart just skipped a beat!

I don't think, for me, it's possible to be overwhelmed by fabric choices...
It's darn near, an addiction.



  1. G'day Victoria ~ What gorgeous designs you have created ... so vibrant & exciting.

    We finally finished both house constructions & took off for 2 weeks. I apologize, but will be better now.

    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Both. All the potential possibilities of all the fabric combinations are energizing (a perfect example of that is the Parade of Year of Schnibbles completed projects that are being showcased on Sinta's and Sherrie's blogs -- all the same patterns, so many different color combinations). All the possibilities are what usually draws us all in to start quilting.

    Choosing what to finally, actually make/commit to (which means taking the chance you won't make ALL those possibilities even if you really, really want to) is what paralyzes.

    The hardest thing I'm still trying to learn is a variation on "finished is better than perfect" which is "finished is better than dreamed of" and to remind myself I can and will make another project and get to use all those ideas if I want to bad enough!

  3. Loving the progression of your scrappy solid stars. Wowzer with the polka dots. Perhaps I'll fit in your suitcase when you head to Houston...or maybe you need that extra room for all the wonderful oranges you're going to buy!

  4. Bags of scraps make my heart beat faster. Most quilters I know think I'm nuts!

  5. Bags of scraps make my heart beat faster too! No need to give yourself permission to cut into them, or worry abot 'mistakes' - which often turn out better than you could possibly have imagined!Big pieces of fabric are for or deep pink...mmmmm!

  6. I don't think I could use the word overwhelmed when it comes to quilts and quilting. Well, except maybe when deadlines are looming. It is always excited and the challenge of making it work is indeed thrilling.

  7. I love your madcap fabric combinations. I frequently get sidetracked by intense colors I love, but then things get muddy. I actively work to bring bright colors and a wide variety of colors into my work.

    I am also a HUGE fan of orange. Nice to know I'm not alone.

    I get overwhelmed by all the ideas and combinations I dream up but can't develop because life slows me waaaaay down.

  8. Your star quilt is a Star!!! Absolutely love it!! Its great hearing about your processes. Orange is definitely a favourite here, It zings any colour its put with!

  9. I don't think ours is "darn near", I think we have full fledged addiction!! Your mission for orange in Houston sounds just like that piece of FFA2 that I gave it? Have you sent the bag pattern yet? Love all the stuff you're working on. Me...I bartered to do drapes for a plane ticket to FL. I hate making drapes.

  10. You make me laugh! I love your 'stream of consciousness' in writing AND quilt making. I USED to be totally overwhelmed by color but not anymore. I tend to the conservative side but I'm moving further and further into the improvisational mode.

  11. Oooh 20 quilts in one month? Eeek is right! Your answer has given me lots to think about, thank you for that. I guess I'm what you call a worrier...does this fabric work? does this? does this? Which leads to the question...what the heck am I so worried about? The star quilt looks amazing by the way. :)

  12. oh WOW. those diamonds in the star are stunning. woohoo! woohoo on tangerine too!

  13. I have always bought oranges and yellows when I see them. They are colors that seem to come and go (more so orange). However, the orange is the first stack to get depleted.
    Interesting, I usually work in the same intuitive, scrappy way. Could never make the very same block over and over---too easily bored.
    FYI: sent an email. we'll see if it arrives.

  14. Wonderful post Victoria. I love reading your thoughts on your process. You an quite an amazing lady

  15. Wow! Love that big star quilt, especially how you've put different types of stars in there.

    And your red quilts are beautiful. I'm planning to do a red quilt soon too! (15 minutes, hint, hint)

  16. DARN make me want to scrap my current project and get on with something more wild and crazy!!!!

  17. I love really blue saturated reds...and in the red circle quilt you posted in the red quilts photo I have to ask! What is the background fabric to the left of the left circle and to the left of the right circle? It looks to be hot pinky red ivy-like leaves on a tan or olive background? I'd love to dig some up if you can remember what it was!


  18. Got it! A Kaffe Fasset print I managed to find an online source for.

    I have one other question though...did you set the circles into the strips or are they appliqued on top of the strips?



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