Wednesday, October 6, 2010

more process

 Tonya's Big Star with my orange pieces went together like a dream! 
Thank you Quilt Goddess!  I severely have Stars on my brain... I currently have three big star quilts in the works, and it's really becoming a problem...
But after piecing here's it was like, Yeeeha! that was fun, let's do it again!
 I wanted to show you the back on my grandmother's Quilt.  You can see all her Hand stitches in all the different colors... I love the thought of this... and yes, my brain is kicking in to play to play with this idea.... the back is just as lovely as the front, isn't it?
 I was playing with a pattern that she did on her Pillow that I have... 
Wouldn't this be so cute?

The other day, Alexis asked:
What I would like to ask is what fabric has been in your stash the longest?
I had to sit and stare at my fabrics for a while to figure this out...
I'm not sure... I actually having fabrics where from when I lived in MN, but I only brought them back with me this year... as far as being in NYC for 16 years, my oldest fabric is probably this:
A KID PRINT! who'd a thought!  I rarely use novelty prints... not my fave...
I don't even know where or why I have this... I've never used it...

Annie asked, do you do your machine quilting on a longarm?
I machine quilt I on my JUKI TL- 98 Q
and I hand quilt.

Machine quilting is not my favorite thing to do... so I tend to both kinds  to liven it up a little
I send a bunch out too, if I am not so attached to them, or if I have a great fear of messing them up!

Speaking of which, I need to focus on my star splitter today...
I took a break from it, and now it's time to get back on it..

Got any more questions? 
It sure helps me think, and easier to post!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Aw, I never would have guessed the cats! Your stars look awesome. I love star quilts- all things stars really. I have a star quilt photo group on Flickr that never ceases to amaze me- I think I could look at star quilts all day long!

  2. Wow, Grandma is your muse! How cool to see that the love of creative piecing runs in the family!

  3. Q & A, I love it. OK, so here's my question. Did your grandmother--and you--hand-sew scraps onto a foundation, like muslin? Did you see her doing it? Like did she just sit in a chair with a scrap bag and sew what came out next? Or did she make decisions, like sorting the scraps and looking for contrast, laying things out and pinning them? Were the scraps from garment sewing or torn up clothes? I would love to hear stories of your grandmother and her thinking about these quilts. As you can see, I'm fascinated by crazy quilts too!

  4. Admired the decorative stitches on your grandmother's pillow last Saturday. What an artist! Using her design to create a new quilt would be quite a tribute. And besides, the secondary starbursts are wonderful!

  5. Your stars and grandma's quilt are great eye candy today. I love reading more about you.

  6. It's so fun to follow you, open mouthed, while you're on a roll! The star quilts are awsome (not a 'UK' word, but so apt!) Do you know a friendly architect who could print you off large foundation papers for your grandmother's flowers? It would look amazing! Sometimes when playing on the computer I think it would be fun with quilt blocks to just press 'copy'...or 'undo' for unpicking!! I have kid prints that have sat aroud a while too...perhaps a 'kid print challenge'?

  7. Love your blog and your Grandmother's work... Do you have a colour that you dislike or find difficult to use?

  8. Well... How odd... Just went over to your 15 minutes of play blog and you've answered my question!

  9. love the star quilt, it is amazing!!!!
    ok, that mug is cute!
    yes I surprised that fabric is in your stash, but ok the blue is bold so thats more like you!

  10. Aw-Victoria! That is so wonderful. I drool over those oranges. Being from Tennessee, my blood runs orange, ya know.

  11. I keep going back to your grandmother's quilt, just can't stop looking at it. That type of freestyle isn't something I would attempt, but sure do appreciate them. That's why I love your blog, such gorgeous quilts, I also love orange, that star....oh my!

  12. I can't get over Tonya's star. Love the way you've composed that first photo.

  13. Okay, I have missed waaaay too many posts!! You are just churning out the projects! But I just love your collaborative quilt. Oh to be inside your head during the creative process....

  14. Love the grandma-inspired repeating block. Fun! :)

  15. Crazy quilt.. I think I am going to make one! Thanks!
    Love the start quilt. You and Tonya together can not only make beautiful quilts but inspire a lot of quilters in the process.
    I do have some crazy fabrics in my stash. I just look at them and smile.

  16. The Big Star/Orange Pieces quilt looks amazing. What a collaboration!

    Love what you did with your grandmother's pillow. It's so YOU! The apple didn't fall far from the tree. :-)

  17. The Big Star/Orange Pieces quilt looks amazing. What a collaboration!

    Love what you did with your grandmother's pillow. It's so YOU! The apple didn't fall far from the tree. :-)

  18. Besides your Grandma where else does your inspiration come from?

    Have you ever considered getting a longarm machine? ( since you have more floor space than anyone I know!!!)

    When you hand quilt do you use a hoop?

    I have a ton more questions but that is enough.....for now :0).

    Happy Sewing

  19. Love the star quilt you and Tonya worked on. She must be thrilled to see it with the orange background. It just sets it off so beautifully!

  20. loving this! You're so prolific... it's terrifying :)


    p.s. the little 'verification word' I have to write is 'doser... kinda like dosa, don't you think... damn I could do with a dosa right about now...

  21. whee, I got stars on the brain too! so excited to see it! I ditto Nifty's question - any idea how your grandmother made that fabulous quilt? I love the back of it and wow, that would be a great quilt made from the pillow inspiration.


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