Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ready,steady, go

I've got :

Music blasting.

Lot's of bobbins wound.

And a full day ahead of me.
deep breath.

Dive in.

Have a super day!


  1. You can do it! So what music is motivating you?

  2. Sounds like you have a great day ahed of you! Have fun. Can't wait to see this beauty all quilted.

  3. My music?

    Metallica - S & M with the San Francisco Symphony


  4. Van Halen by chance? Such a happy pile to work with.

  5. What a gorgeous mound of colour. Can't wait to see the finished quilting!

  6. Oh man keep those shoulders down and take lots of breaks......I always tense up and tie myself in knots when machine quilting!

    Good luck and we'll see you on the other side of this project :0).

    Happy Sewing

  7. I'll be thinking of you stitching away!! Have fun. Don't stress. It'll be beautiful.

  8. Have fun! Like Kim says, regular breaks, lots of shoulder movement during the breaks and rest your eyes occasionally. :) Enjoy! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  9. Here's my advise: Pin sip, bobbin dance. Every time you take a pin out, take a sip of water. Every time you change the bobbin, dance to the music for about 30 seconds. It keeps you going.... good luck, can't wait to see it!!!

  10. Sounds like the recipe for success! Great choice of music! Look forward to the show and tell!!

  11. So????????
    How's it going?
    And I'd love to watch Karen machine quilt between the sipping and dancing...of course if I drank that much water I'd running to the bathroom every 15 minutes too :0)!

    I hope its going well......
    Happy sewing

  12. just stumbled on to your blog. You are one crazy talented girl! LOVE your work!

  13. I think I used 11 bobbins on the New Wave quilt - I can't imagine how many the Star is going to take. Anxious to see the finish!

  14. oooohh beautiful! awesome lovely color!

  15. You know we're actually right there with you every stitch of the way don't you....:) Ciao

  16. I'm looking forward to seeing what it will finish like as you said you have not done much machine quilting if I remember right. I have not done any I have several books on the quilt as you go method and think I might try one like that next year.

  17. Ooooh, hope it went swimmingly well! Can't wait to see.

    p.s. Don't know about Saturday. Up to my eyeballs in painting. Hope so though!


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