Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So, many of you know I am artist, right?  I make stuff other than Quilts... 
Can I tell you, that when it comes to Machine Quilting, 
It pretty much makes no difference if you can draw or not?

I'm pretty sure it helps to be a good doodler...



I am attempting to make a plan to quilt my STAR SPLITTER....
I have DRAWN and redrawn, and every time, my feathers become finger like....

I got that handy dandy DVD above to hopefully give me a few tricks...  
I really don't want to mess up that quilt!

Perhaps it's just me fear of machine quilting...
I've  successfully only done one quilt that I was ENTIRELY HAPPY with... 
so I feel like the pressure is on! 

I've managed stippling without any problem, 
but for this quilt I do want something better...

You know what I mean, right?

I plan on the curvy feathers over all the seams in the scrappy filler blocks, 
and will do something slightly easier  scalloping around the stars, 
and perhaps just meander inside the star square...
Any other thoughts??

I'm voicing my fears so I can LET IT GO...  

perhaps then I can buckle down and tackle this baby!

I'm participating in the sketchbook project, hoping this will get me back to Doodling...

I figure it's a good place to start!  
I'm realizing the LEFT side on my feathers turn out better...
The right side, get a little pointy....
I know you all are going to say keep on practicing,
So I am going to KEEP ON PRACTICING... ;-)

Awwww! Jenny Egg has made a bed in my scrap batting bin...
How stinking cute!
I was looking all over for her!


  1. Isn't it funny how one side seems to draw more naturally than another? I wonder if it is a right-hand left-hand kind of thing? Do the feathers work easier when you are quilting than when you are doodling?

  2. I practiced on fabric when I was learning feathers. It does make a difference. Try concentrating on the space that is between the stop and starts of the individual feathers.
    That kind of gets you to curve towards that.

    Love your puppy in the batting. She looks to be saying "What? I'm not in trouble." :)

  3. Yep - I think Anne is right when she mentions the ol' left brain/right brain thing cos you cross over when you change direction in your feathers. NOT that that is going to help you at all, is it!!!!! And saying to practice isn't doing anything but state the obvious. I think you are being just way brave cos I've been too chicken to try feathers - have done most else in the way of free motion so big ups to you. Persevere - you will get there. Ciao

  4. Jenny Egg is the cutest! I don't have any clever feather tips for you, but I'll cheer you on for your determination. I have no doubt that when you get to the quilting that you'll do an amazing job!

  5. V, the thing I love about feathers besides the look of them, is that they are from nature and in nature there are always variations and imperfections. I tell myself that little goofs only add to the charm and that once it is washed and put in the dryer those little goofs will disappear...and they will! I tried using stencils, and also drawing the feathers....but I couldn't get a good rhythm going following a line. So, what I do now is sew the spine of the feather and then go back to do the loops. It allows me to get into a rhythm and seems to work better for me that way.

  6. V, try just drawing your spine. Then just start!! Make sure your line comes down toward the spine at a sharp angle. I think you're coming in too high and that makes the feathers look like fingers. Try coming down and making a sharp "V" where it connects with the spine. I personnaly find that quilting them is easier than drawing them. Good luck.

  7. Firstly, have a good look at other peoples quilted feathers, I found that was useful for dealing with curves and changes in direction. The control of the piece is important, only work on that little bit, one feather at a time, a spine is good to follow or a drawn line. I visualize sort of 10 pence size coins, maybe $1 to give me the roundness and think tear drop or half hearts for the shape. Have you tried using little hand size pads on non-slip drawer liner, it really helps with the control of the quilt.

    Hope this helps :) Talk to Emma about the Philipa Naylor class!

  8. Feathers would scare me too!
    Happy Zhong Qiu Jie to you & Boo ! It's mid-autumn & a time for mooncakes & lanterns in the park! Happy weekend too!

  9. Feathers strike fear into my heart! I love them, but am certain that I could never make beautiful feathers the way other people do. Of course, I've never TRIED! Coward, that's what I am. Go be brave for both of us! You can do it!

  10. Your doodle feathers look perfect!
    A great tip from a friend of mine is to have a big practise piece that you use to get your pattern flowing before you start on your precious quilt. Time to tip Jenny out of the spare batting?! Don't they always find the most comfortable places?!

  11. V ~ I think you are missing the obvious - your lovely quilts do not embrace perfection, but rather spontaneity! Why are you worrying about perfection with your feathers? I think your doodled feathers are terrific, and a perfect finishing touch for your quilt ~ do we worry about how we look when we are jumping for joy? Go ahead, jump in and have fun!

  12. Mind do too, I am no help whatsoever to you. I did see a thing we both could use however. It is on the site of the 365 days of free motion quilting patterns. It is called Infinite feathers.

    glen: who quilts straight lines very well.......

  13. you can do it!!! awfully cute JE photo!


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