Sunday, August 15, 2010

Your orphan blocks

Orphans finding a home...

I stuck most of the orphans all up on the wall to see what I had to work with...
These are just from all of you!
I am soooo inspired after seeing all your blocks...
I'm seeing stars and boxes! And bright colors of course!
Can you spot yours?

And THIS is my STASH of Orphans... Yeah, I have quite a few... many old ones...
but none as fabulous as all of yours!

I'm a bit antsy... I want to start working on the orphan blocks,
but I just can't yet, until all the BASICS quilts are done...
I don't think I shown this one on the far right in the other two photos from sat.
I am getting there... slowly but surely.

I popped into the city, (NYC) today to get my mail,
and am heading out of town to visit a pal for a few days...
Had to see what work they were getting done at the loft...

It's coming along! We're getting there!
woohoo! new radiator coverswith bookcases built in... and a paint job...
I know, very exciting right?
I'm getting antsy... I want to clean this place out, and make it all homey again!

Anyone need a 9' pool table?
sure wish I could sell that thing and get it out of here...

happy sewing!


  1. It was fun seeing you on Sat and bringing the quilts "in the big black bag"...LOL! They look great all laid out there. Sorry, I can't help you on the 9 foot pool table, we have our own! I would love to use it as a cutting table though!!

  2. I bet you can't wait till it is finished and you can make it home again. I had that problem with my piano. Finally had my husband drop it off at the salvation.


  3. What wonderful orphans! I particularly like the kite and those multicolored geese down the left side of the photo. What FUN!

  4. That is one nice looking pool table, but it would cost afortune to have it moved and then setup again properly. Pool tables aren't as in demand as they used to be, but a top of the line one like that should at least sell for something and they would have to move it.

  5. Oh those orphan blocks are fun! Have a lovely trip!!!

  6. Who would have thought such a variety of blocks could look so amazing in one quilt. We have good luck selling things on Craig's List. We even sold our pool table last Christmas! Good luck. The apt is looking fabulous.

  7. Great orphan blocks you've received. Have fun on your trip! I have to admit I'll a little jealous ;-) Be safe.

  8. Hey V, Luv the orphan blocks! And all those Basics quilt look amazing! Have a great trip! I hope you are sewing your brains out!!! Take care and happy sewing!

    p.s. Your house is looking good!!!

  9. Nice try, Victoria, but I´m sorry to say the google translator doesn´t always work! Besides, the blog is Portuguese! LOL
    Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS disse...
    ¡Oooh! se trata de un aspecto tan buena !
    But I think you´ve ment to say something like "looks nice"! Tks! Back to playing!

  10. Wow, don't they all look so good! Don't see mine just yet, but it's still a bit early for them to get there! You'll know when they're there, that's for sure! LOL Have a great trip!

  11. Look at all those fun blocks! Yep, mine's in there:) The Basic quilts are beautiful!

  12. Are you going where I think you are going? If so, expect a phone call if that is ok with you.

  13. How fun. I've never heard of 'orphan' blocks before!

  14. I see my blocks and I have to say that they look way better on your wall than they did on mine.

  15. As long as you are stuck with that pool table put it to work! My husband built a plywood and 2x3 cover for a client. She covered 1/3 of it with ironing board fabric and the rest with contact plastic for a large stand up working surface.

  16. Love the orphan quilt, the star baby and all! You're inspiring me to do an orphan quilt of my own. The loft looks great.


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