Saturday, August 7, 2010

sister quilts


Two sisters,
one loves pink and green, HORSES
one loves purple and green, FLOWERS

I wanted to find a common "thread" with these two quilts...
So on the backs I added a block from each others quilts,
a pinwheel onto the circle flowers, and a circle onto the varied pinwheel

They are off to be quilted, then on to their new homes...
I have so enjoyed this commission. They have two other of my quilts.

This family bought the first
9 patch gather quilt,
"Nothing but kisses",
that was auctioned off for love without boundaries fundraiser!
They also have a baby quilt that I made when their youngest daughter was born.

So I know these quilts are going to good home.
Feels so good.


I was so surprised to open this!!!
I love it! and it has a home on my table.

And thank you to all of you who sent me orphan blocks.
It will be a joy and pleasure to put it together, with bits from all my blog friends...


  1. How clever to put a block from the other quilt on the back. Gorgeous gifts from your mystery friend.

  2. beautiful quilts Victoria. I love 'em all!!

  3. The mystery quilt blows me away! I'd love to copy it...but need to give credit to the original maker. It is sooo gorgeous!

  4. I just love pink and green and purple and green. I guess I cannot deny my inner little girl.

  5. I love the idea of swapping blocks for the back.. So thoughtful and clever! Gorgeous wheel!

  6. Lot's of beauty on your blog again today! The pink/green/purple are wonderful - photos look like they are taken in the city - did you forget to go back to the beach? You gift is amazing! And you deserve it.

  7. What lucky sisters - those quilts glow like stained glass! And what a fabulous flower quilt from Gail -lucky you!

  8. The sisters will love these, and the forever connection you've made with the blocks on the back.

  9. Fabulous stuff! Great pictures! I love the red and green with the ric-rack. (When I come to visit you may have to check my bags before I go home.) You Rock, my friend! Happy quilting!

  10. These quilts are so gorgeous! I love the colors, and I love how you tied them together. Lucky family to have these!

  11. You rock. I love looking at the things you make. Always lots of colour and energy! Very inspiring.

  12. wow you've really been busy!

    Does Gail have a web site?
    With maybe a tutorial on that beautiful table round?

    How lovely a gift is that???

    Happy Sewing and last days of summer


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