Wednesday, July 7, 2010

play work play work

Hmmm, there I go playing again...
trying to work something out...
Got flowers on my brain, I've made so many different types of flowers
lately and have not found just the right one yet...

this was 15 minutes today... Kind of fun to make too... who knows,
perhaps it will make it into the Kitchen sink 2010 quilt...

YIPPEE! These are the first TWO quilts I finished for the First 20
for the First BASICS fundraiser September 2nd.
only 18 more to go, before I start to finish the second batch of 20
(Which I still need to put together about 10 more tops for
...for October 29th...
Do any of you see your blocks you donated for these?

I'm still so giddy by the fact you all pitched in to help me with this project...
It's funny to me that this little idea turned into such a wonderful large project!
They are very cozy looking... You just have to want to snuggle up in them...

I also learned to do a machine binding today!
YES! I can't imagine hand binding all of these...
Feels good!

I also worked on one of my quilt bee's paper pieced blocks...
Jenny egg got into the action on that too...
carrying strings all over my house...

I learned TWO things today... I better stop while I am ahead!
I might hurt something!


These big scrappy filler blocks are taking me a half hour each to make...
they are 12.5" square...
Putzy, but I think they are looking good!
yes, no, or maybe so?

maybe so.

happy sewing.


  1. I LOVE your scrappy filler blocks. It is going to be a fabulous quilt!

  2. For sure they are looking all the colors you use!

  3. I LOVE your filler blocks. any crazy piecing is my favorite.

  4. YES, YES, YES!! I love it - what a cool idea - scrappy stars and scrappy crazy quilt filler blocks - this is going to be a happy quilt!

  5. You must have a strong Saturn in your astrological natal chart!!!! Hardworking, dedicated and... you count how many minutes it takes you to get a block complete!!! I do that too!!!!

  6. They are looking divine and definately worth the 30 minute time investment. :-)

  7. Just love those scrappy filler blocks. How's the kitchen sink going?

    Did you find an on line tutorial for machine binding, or did you make it up as you went along. I'm trying to teach myself as binding is one thing I hate.

  8. Well, I'm a scrap addict, so what do you expect me to say ha ha
    I have the same question as Clare, can you show how you did the machine binding please?

  9. Hey V, I luv the flower! Very cute! Your stars are coming along. Your scrappy blocks are cute even if they are putzy. Good luck with staying cool. You are hotter there than we are in Texas. Freaky! Happy sewing my friend!

  10. Your made fabric is fun!

    Its hotter here than in Texas??? Yipes! Do we all need to head south to sew with Shelly??? or just jump in the pool? :)

    Happy sewing chica!

  11. I love the scrappy filler blocks! And the flower.

  12. I'm so in love with your filler blocks. I find it hard to believe that YOU think you don't have enough scraps!

  13. I, too, would love to know your machine binding technique....I need to pick up the pace here.

  14. I love the scrappy filler blocks. I hope they stay!


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