Monday, June 7, 2010

rag rug/hat...

A while back, like say, a year or so, I wanted to make a rag rug...
I cut some strips, braided them, then stitched them together....
Unfortunately, my attempt produced something of a funny shape....
My husband wanted to know if I was making a hat ....
Yes, a hat....
Does this look like a hat? well, OK, I see his point...
(Shela, you will appreciate this!)

Last night, I had the urge to break into a string scrap bag I bought in MN
last week and make a second attempt,
except I planned on crocheting the whole thing this time...

SO far, It looks good! It does seem to be curling up a bit.. any suggestions?
So I don't end up with a second stylish rag hat? I'm not so brilliant with a hook...
I can do a single chain that's about it...
the scraps are all Kaffe... yum, the colors are so great..

OK, so you've now had a good chuckle... ;-)
glad to brighten your day!
This little gift is on it's way to Sujata.
Fingers crossed, I hope she likes it!

What adventure will you take on today?

We are reaching 50 quilts for BASICS,
if you donate,

we will be drawing names for
2 - $50 gift certificates to PINK CHALK FABRICS!!

and more prizes to come. see the site for more info.

Bumble Beans Basics Quilt Gather


  1. My adventure today included baking birthday cake! And showing my quilting group lots of variations of disappearing nine patch! Fun! Love the hat! Hubby has a point!

  2. It looks great as a hat LOL !!! Or you could dip it in a paper mache solution and shape it around a bowl perhaps ??

  3. The "hat" looks great on you! I say wear your orginial with pride! Can't help you with the crocheted second attempt - I don't know how to crochet.

  4. thank You Cherie! I get it! thanks! Will give it another shot...

  5. My first braided rug looked like your "hat" too. I haven't tried to crochet a rug yet. I do want to try making a toothbrush rug though:

    Looks like it might be easier.

  6. You probably need to 'increase' every 8/10 stitches, so work two stitches into the same stitch. Have fun, love the colours.

  7. Yes...I'm with Cherie...every so often add in a extra stitch... I crochet a round rag rug one time and that is what I did to keep it flat!!!
    But was a cool looking hat too!!

  8. Wohooo, almost 50 quilts! How does that make you feel: so many helping hands that just needed to be activated! Good luck with your hook endeavours...

  9. I agree with the earlier comment about needing to increase your stitches. Stitch two single crochet in the same loop every few stitches.

  10. I had the very same thing happen with a piece I was crocheting from scraps. I gave up.

    But I did thing about adding a brim.


  11. Ha. Love your "hat"!

    I'm no good at crocheting at all. Yours looks just fine to me - but what do I know?

    Such a cute little quilt. Sujata will love it! (Not that I know Sujata, but I would love it so I will just assume anybody else would too.)


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