Tuesday, June 1, 2010

homey home.

Getting all my ducks in a row...
or GEESE! for that matter...
These geese have nearly 40 babies... I think I counted 36....

Can't forget we're on the prairie when I drive on this road....

This little guy kept following me around...
Funny thing is, we have a dragon fly door knocker...

My goods from Grubers!
I don't often buy fabrics from a fabric store, so when I am in MN
I always stop at Grubers, in St.Cloud. It's HUGE!
City quilter does not have very
much and either does Purl...
So I never get to see ALL the of great lines
of fabric out there in person, only on my computer screen...

I bought every Navy and cheddar fat quarter they had...
sigh. I've already cut them up and I only got home last night!

Then I gathered all these purple, green, and browns... Not sure why...
Just loved the RICHNESS of the colors....

Then I thought I was done, but I saw these tea cups!

oops! I thought I bought the tea pots! drat... Now I need to find the tea pots too...
Have no idea what I'd do with them. I was just a kid in the candy store...

the Two Bottom pieces are half meters from MARY!!!
She went to quilt market and got some great things...
She gave me these two Heather Ross Far far away LINENS!!!
Ooh boy what fun! That orange knocks my socks off... its' so me I could fall over!

My best friends, Middle daughter, rcvd a sewing machine for Xmas,
and a whole lot of fabric from me!
She made me and B, the two BRIGHT PILLOWS, out of a bunch of her fabric!
She made them up as she went along! A girl after my own heart for sure...

BUSY busy two weeks ahead....
something every night and day.. either doctor visits, dentist, school events, etc...
And get packed up for summer!
focus, focus!

Hope you all had a lovely memorial weekend!


  1. It definitely looks like you had fun shopping! Have fun with your new fabrics.

  2. What a fun time!! Love all the new fabrics you purchased too! Those geese are just way too cute!!

  3. Beautiful Prairie photo! LOVING the antique quilts on the bed too. I just made a mini with tea cups...simple and cute. Now to get it quilted. Yes, teapots would be awesome.

  4. Looks like my kind of getaway = friends, family and fabric shopping. I wish you well with packing for the summer, that sounds like a cross between fun and agony. Great anticipation of things to do and total dread that I would forget something integral on every project.

  5. Lovely purchases! I can't believe all those babies - I've never seen that many at once before! Those geese are obviously more organized than I am. There's no way I could keep track of that many crumbsnatchers!

  6. What a beautiful drive!!!! Great purchases from Grubers!

  7. Cheddar and navy are two of my favorites. Beautiful fabrics. Sounds like you had fun! What a great gift in those two pillows. Hope all is well with you. I've missed blogging and I'm finally catching up with everyone.
    Have fun!

  8. Looks like a great get away weekend! I need to get some fabric the color of that dragonfly!!!!

  9. Lucky you getting to see all that fabric in person. I say that you showed great restraint! It sounds like you have a quilter in training with your friend's daughter.

  10. Beautiful fabric, particularly the cheddar and blue! This was definitely a dragonfly weekend. I kept seeing them, too.

  11. All good 'stuff' Victoria!!! So glad to see young uns getting the sewing bug too!!

  12. I had to laugh. I live near several big local quilt fabric stores in Ohio Amish country...lots of choices. BUT when ever I get to NYC, if I do nothing else, I have to go to City Quilter and Purl. I see fabric there that I can't find anywhere around here. And yes, I agree, it is great to see it in person.

  13. coveting you tea cup fabric here in virginia! ;)

  14. Is that your cabin in the background? I am envious! It looks so cozy! I love your post about Grubers. I had a friend from St. Cloud and he would often tell us tales of growing up there. I always thought of it as a really small town. This brought back good memories!

  15. Gruber's is one of my favorite stores !...

  16. fabulous fabrics and I love the project you've got going there!

  17. Hey V, Luv the stars! And I can't wait to visit your cabin and see these quilts in person! Two weeks, my friend! Happy sewing!

  18. Love that dragonfly!! I was trying to catch one in a photo, yesterday, with no luck. Mine weren't as pretty as yours, either.

    Was this a trip back home? I've got three kids living in the Big Apple who were raised in Oklahoma. Some came make the transition, some are better off staying home (that would be me!).

    Love your work and the way you've balanced it.


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