Saturday, May 8, 2010


The coolest thing for me, is when my friends who own a hair salon
told me they were moving there salon from the upper east side
and were looking for a new space.
I suggested my hood, because it's changing very quickly
from sweat shops to funky fabulous...
(I live in the heart of Manhattan, NYC, Garment center..)
Which they did! right around the corner!

Last night I got an email saying,
"you need to come over."
And she attached the image above.
I said,
"What am I looking at, or for?"
It was just a picture of the roof tops they see out of the salon windows...
some with water standing on them from the rain...

She said,
"look closer...
at that greenish, brownish, nasty, standing pool of water on top of that building..."

Yes, indeedy, Folks, That is what you think it is...

What the H, E double hockey sticks were they thinking,
I'm not sure how long they have been there,
But I know when I go on our rooftop here,
it can be 60 degrees out, but feels like 90 up there...
They'll be boiled!


  1. Wow who would guess. Fantastic.

  2. omg, sounds like a rescue effort coming to your house, lol. You have a beautiful Mothers day tomorrow, Elaine

  3. Hmmmm...what if they run a hose with cold water? I can't EVEN imagine water on a rooftop, but I do love the idea of watching nature like that. LOL!


  4. Victoria, I giggled as I read your He double hockey sticks, haven't heard that in years! You never cease to bring a smile to my heart!

  5. I love finding nature in unusual places like that. Standing water on a rooftop can't be good though.

  6. How the heck did they get in there???

  7. you have to save them!!!

    that's insane... someone must have put them there right...?


  8. That's nuts!!! But still a great pic!

  9. they were thinking that they are only 1o cents each, and there will be a few billion less mosquito for the fish will eat the larvae.


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