Monday, May 10, 2010


New York Beauty...
The Chrysler Building

I've only got Pictures for you today...

It's a bright beautiful day, sun streaming down, but it's COLD...

Still the flowers bloom.

This sign intrigues me...
at the Cooper Hewitt museum

My initials!

Find the Beauty around you.


  1. I love your photos! My daughter and I watched the Frank Lloyd Wright documentary over the weekend -- I'll have to show her your photo of the Guggenheim. Look, there it is in real life. :-) We also watched swallows nesting in little openings in the side of an English stone cottage yesterday. Oh, they were bickering!

  2. Great photos. Thanks for taking us around town with you. I've seen your initials around here too!

  3. Great pictures. It's sunny here too...but hot! Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day.

  4. Great photos! Cold here too. I think we are regressing back to November... Too funny about the VFW.

  5. Love the photo's V, I am always interested in seeing around someone else's country. Love the initials, almost look like patchwork! xo

  6. Once upon a time I worked in the Chrysler Building. Have you seen the lobby? Just as beautiful as the outside.
    BTW, it is super hot here in South Florida.

  7. Love the pics. Why can I never remember to take the camera when I leave the house or sometimes in the house? I see things all the time I would like to capture and never have a camera. Sigh...
    There a some quilt blocks from the 30's that remind me of the Chrysler Building. I wonder which came first. Maybe some of those quilt block designers of that time were more influenced by urban spaces than we know.

  8. Love, love, love the Chrysler Building! It's my absolute favorite. I imagine it as my house lol

  9. You know, as a country bumpkin, I get so that I equate beauty with nature. But this past weekend in DC, we left the car outside the city, and did LOTS of walking, and in checking out my surroundings, I realize that there was SO MUCH beauty in the architecture around me. I kept pointing rooflines and window details and mouldings and floor tiles and whatnot out to my kids. There really is beauty all around us, wherever we are!


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