Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I rcvd a lovely box of goodies yesterday From Barbara A. for the BASICS project!
A nearly completed top, so all I had to do was insert the house blocks!
Oh JOY!!!
Barbara not only sent the top, but backings and bindings, and this quilt is DONE in minutes!!
Bright, cheery and fabulous! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH Barbara,
It was such a joy to receive your box!

This is my favorite part to this project!!! I get to sift through and look again
at all the lovely blocks you all have sent!

Done in minutes....
See any of your blocks in there?

Jackie is one of the gals who has offered to Quilt a bunch of these for me...
I will be putting a box in the mail shortly with the first 10 quilts...
Jackie also has a give away going... hop over!

And Don't forget, my AMY BUTLER FABRIC GIVEAWAY! Anything (house blocks, 20.5 blocks, backings, bindings, offers to quilt) rcvd before April 30th will get a chance to win the fabric!

One more top put together yesterday...

(notice my Anguillan sunrise blocks?
I realized my Dresdens are exactly the same colors as these blocks! ooh! the possibilities!!)

And look how many more BASICS QUILTS I have to go!

Backings, Bindings, and a HUGE stack of 10.5" blocks... that stack is about 7" tall of squares...
the first 8 tops was from a stack about 5 " tall..

so I figure I have about another 15 or so quilt tops in that pile!
And my mother has a stack of her own, for about another 8 tops...

How many more can we get?

Keep me busy folks!

I dare you!


  1. wow, that's an impressive pile of blocks. Good luck in this project. I'd be happy to help, but I decided to make a donation quilt here and give it to a good cause instead, since the cost of shipping internationally is quite high. Unfortunately, there's homeless people in Winnipeg too!

  2. you're a wonder woman!
    l-ove the pink one :)

  3. First thing I noticed was the dresden with your other quilt blocks. :o)

  4. Wow, you are going to have a lot of quilts for the Basics folks. Are you wearing your pj's in that picture? (Inquiring minds want to know.) You rock! Happy sewing!

  5. It looks terific! More blocks & back squares are ready for shipping, just avoiding the tax crowd at the post office... you asked for it: trying to keep you busy ;) I bet you can do 10 more - depends on your backing square stock.

  6. Hey V let me know if I can quilt a few of these for you. That's quite a stack of blocks/quilts! Way to go!

  7. house production starting this weekend!

  8. I love the way you are doing the blocks with the houses and the different color versions.



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