Thursday, February 25, 2010

T, P and M

Using today, a snowy, wet, confusing day
as inspiration....

Texture, Pattern, and Movement

Play day number two.

How can you include texture


and movement?


Pattern you can practically feel,

texture that confuses,

or movement that stops you dead center.

These thoughts crowd my brain today...

Time for another play day...
Perhaps with Layers?

Soft color?

Loud color?

What if you throw it all into the pot?

Take a chance.




And perhaps stay in doors like Erin is in her block
for the BASICS home gather!
thanks Erin!


  1. Great blog. I love the house blocks. Again I am struck with the variety of expression in all of us. Similar and yet different. These group projects are so great. I always learn something.

  2. Your little quilt has it all, for sure. Love all those photos, they are definitely inspiring!

  3. Texture, pattern and movement, you are speaking my language. I love it! The possibilities of your ponderings are endless today! Happy sewing and happy cogitating while sewing!

  4. Love the circular motion of the square.

  5. what a fantastic quilt..there is always so much learn and be inspired by here on your blog! thanks!

  6. Great photos...and things to think about. Stay warm in that snow!

  7. Lovely pics:) The ferns melted my heart and reminded me of growning up, my mom always had a fern plant.

  8. Fantastic photos and examples of all aspects of quilting.

  9. love that top photo.

    getting myself into trouble changing settings and email. is my proper email on here this time?

  10. love the sun you drew on the quilt , will you be hand quilting that?

    great snow day here...lots and lots of snow
    I hear yours isn't sticking, lucky you!

  11. Thanks! You are getting my mind busy with these posts!

  12. Thanks for your words and pictures that make us pause and think.

  13. love this post V. very inspiring and thought provoking. almost makes me want to fight through the piles on my desk and find my sewing machine! almost.

  14. V, I think you have achieved all three, texture, pattern and color in that beautiful little quilt. Love it and all the photos you posted too!

  15. This is so inspiring, I love thinking about texture and color. The photos are fantastic, and I love the quilt ideas.

  16. V, love your little quilt. It definitely has all three! Wish I could find time to play in my sewing room. Keep safe. I hear y'all are getting lots more snow. Love Erin's block. My daughter wanted me to put a picture of her in the window of my houses. Didn't happen! I made three more house blocks (all I could do for Sew and Tell Friday) and will try to put all five in the mail to you this weekend.

  17. Love that little quilt and the photography that tied it all together. Great inspiration.


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