Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The quilt that grew and grew...
I hope I have more scrap blocks to finish the Kitchen sink quilt into a king size!
I may need to make a few more goodies to stick in... nearly every scrap I have, has gone in...
I just love it. So many memories, such a nice way to wrap it all up for 2009.
go ahead a nd click the image to see it larger and clearer...

Dear Santa,
Please send me this quilt,
so I don't have to make it myself....

Lovely B in red, at a Christmas party last night...Waiting for the shrimp, and pigs in a blanket to come around for appetizers! Then that frown turned into a grin...
poor thing. Looks so bored! Good thing she had a yoyo in her pocket!
And we went to her favorite restaurant afterward... so life isn't all that bad....

Can I also say that I love my iphone!
It takes such great pictures!!

even silly ones, with mom...

Happy Sewing!


  1. B is beautiful! Love the Kitchen Sink. Gives me ideas.

  2. Your kitchen sink quilt is wonderful. It reminds me of a great big puzzle.

    B looks lovely in red. Definitely her colour! What a cutie!

  3. Wow! I love all those bright colors together! What a fabulous quilt in the making!

  4. Wild KS quilt. Reminds me of a few of my grandma's quilt...just a little bit of everything.

    Holy cow girl! You guys got snow! Hooray! Glad you made it back safe and sound.

  5. it looks great. what a great testimonial for scrap and orphan quilts. I was playing with your scraps today too! I'm going to post my spiderweb blocks later today.

  6. I adore your kitchen sink V, so many different colours, shapes and patterns to look at, I love the house block especially. Fabulous way to use up leftovers from lots of other quilts. B is looking fabulous in red! xo

  7. I know you get this all the time, but B is gorgeous! She's so photogenic! And I hope you're teaching her the Way of the Quilts so she'll be prepared. ;]

  8. I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical about your Kitchen Sink for a few days there, but it looks AWESOME. I stand corrected and just a little bit humbled.

  9. Everyone should make a kitchen sink quilt - it's wonderful.
    B looks so cute in red.

  10. Hey V, I see the you used some of the flying geese I made you when I came to visit. I have a little something-something I can send you to add to your sink too.
    It is a hard life to be a kid when you are hungry. (Hell, it is hard to be me when I'm hungry.) Looks like a little food perked her right up. She sure is a pretty thing! Merry quilting, my friend!

  11. The kitchen sink quilt makes me think it is a sign of the times.....love it.....and the Dear Santa quilt.....wouldn't you just love to say "i made it". Delightful smile from B.

  12. I love the litchen sink quilt. When will you finish it? It is such a great idea. Are you going to do this every year?

  13. I see Eye Spy games when I see your quilt. B will have so much fun trying to find things in it. I would very much like to make a eye spy quilt. I hope B has a wonderful Christmas and her parents too of course!

  14. Love B's red suit! If I were even half that stylish...The Kitchen Sink quilt is delightful. I'd love to wrap up in that and explore it for hours.

  15. your daughter looks so pretty and festive in her stylish red suit!!! And LOVE the quilt too! Happy holidays.

  16. Oh V - that quilt is wonderful. I'm so inspired. If I didn't have to get Jake to the school bus in five minutes I'd be digging through my scrap bin right this minute!

  17. Hi V -
    Loved the snowy posts! So beautiful. B looks so pretty and grown up in her red coat -
    I love the kitchen sink quilt. whenever I try one of these it always looks a hot mess - but you've done it!

  18. i love your kitchen sink!!! all those blocks looks funny together!
    great silly pics! she looks really beautiful on red!

  19. That quilt looks so fun!
    And if I had been at that Christmas Party I would have kept the Beautiful B company. You should nickname her B Posh...I want her outfit!

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  20. Love your Kitchen Sink quilt. It is coming along beautifully. I have thought of doing something similar with my orphan blocks, but they don't flow as well as yours. Maybe I need to wait until I have more ;-)) B looks beautiful and so grown up. Has she grown that much since your last pictures or is it the sophisticated red coat? Congrats on your iphone.

  21. I love the kitchen sink quilt. It inspires me to start a bin with my little pile of leftover blocks and add to it a little from every quilt I make in 2010.


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