Sunday, November 8, 2009

ahhh, sunday.

A little Central park inspiration...

Nooks and crannies, skylines....

Bethesda Fountain and the murals under the stairs by the fountain...

Fun in a park in soho.. gotta love that mural... PLAY!

I dragged B along with me to my first Empire Quilt Guild meeting Sunday.
Sherry Shine was the speaker, and I was curious about her work...
Actually this photo is from show and tell, but Sherry's two quilts are in the background behind the ladies...
B actually enjoyed her self and walked away with a free fat quarter to go home and play with... Good and inspiring... all around..

I have a lunch with a good dear friend for her birthday, Monday. So I whipped this runner up
for her as a gift today... Don't you just love runners! They are so fast and fun!

we had glorious weather this weekend. a good one to stay in the city to enjoy...
and enjoy we did... Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. Your pictures of Central Park look so beautiful. Very tempting!!! I always enjoy the inspiration I find here, quilting or otherwise!

  2. Beautiful photos. Fun runner...I have some of that Amy Butler fabric in a stack waiting to become a quilt. My to do list is long...

  3. Have fun at lunch today!
    great pictures...oh I have never heard of her before
    interesting quilts.
    glad B enjoyed it too.

  4. Great pictures! Love the runner. What is the blue fabric on the ends?

  5. What gorgeous photos of the city. I have never been to New York.. it would be so nice to visit.

    Awesome table runner!

    And that's fun that B got excited about a FQ. You're training her right. :-)

  6. The park photos are lovely! It's one of my favorite things about living in the NYC area.
    Sorry to have missed you at Empire.
    Next Time.

  7. Great park photos!

    Looks like that would be an interesting guild to be part the speaker's quilts...

  8. How wonderful that B liked the quilt meeting! Looks like some amazing quilts come out of that guild.

  9. Love how you say you just "whipped this runner up" are my idol ;-)) Hope to be able to say that one day ;-)) Of course it is beautiful. I am sure your friend will love it. So cool that B enjoyed the fabric part of the outing as well. So fun that you two can share the experience. Your NYC pictures are fabulous. I have only been there once...last year with my daughter on a school choral trip. I have always wanted to go and absolutely loved it. Only problem was the group part and not being able to explore/see/do what we wanted...also, Central Park outing got canceled at the last minute. Thanks for sharing your weekend fun.

  10. I love that runner! I've been a bit obsessed with them lately - even ordered Heather's (up there) On the Run book this weekend. Whirlygiggles are one of my faves, too. If you don't mind I may make one similar to this - it's so fun!

  11. Congratulations on your first guild meeting! In my (humble?) opinion, a good speaker should make you want to go home and sew your brains out. Hope that was the case for you. Oh wait, you wake up that way anyway.
    Luv your pics and the tablerunner. Have a fabulous week, my friend!

  12. Great photos! THIS is when I would love to be in NYC. Love the runner!

  13. Believe it or not, I've never done a table runner, but if they are fast and fun, then I need to jump on board. Great gift!

  14. Love the green photo of the trees, it is so full of atmosphere.
    And your runner is cute, especially the color choices!


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