Wednesday, September 16, 2009

stash and finish

I couldn't resist any longer...

I put the binding on this little quilt last night,
and I think I have finished folding all my fabric!

I have only a few stitches of quilting left on the stones quilt.
So I am counting it as finished.
I'm so glad I went AWOL on quilting while on vacation...
Total reboot...
I'm working on a little tutorial for the stones quilt. Stay tuned.

And a couple more blocks for my xmas quilt...
As I was folding all that fabric, i was also pulling some and cutting strips to make some matching blocks to go along with the two with pink snowflakes centers which came from the Scrappy xmas block swap.... I love the pink brown red and green combo.

And finally organizing some of my vintage prints.
(I'm hoarding them...) I can't get myself to cut them.
not a lot. just a few...
Some really great prints and colors.

The studio is starting to look like a space I can actually work in again...


  1. Im really impressed with your fabric shelf!!!! great job!!! Im turning my living room into a partial sewing room (because my parents dont want my desk at there house anymore.. I have a small little square shelf there in the corner I may put my fabric there! Oh please make a stone quilt tutorial I love it!!!


  2. Your stash looks amazing as do the Christmas blocks and love your vintage prints! I can see where it is hard to stay focused in your studio. I have hardly anything compared to you and I am all over losing focus.

  3. Yeah! It looks great. I need to get my stash organized, too. Oh, but then everyone will be able to just how much stash I have. That might not be a good thing. lol

  4. Okay, are we taking bets on how long that shelf stays that clean?

    Did you have something to fold around, like they do at The Gap?

    Very, very jealous here. What else is new?

  5. Looks good! Great vintage prints too.

  6. Wow! May I come to shop at your house?

  7. I like that quilt. It is both funky and groovy. You folding looks great too!

  8. Congrats on the finishes! Everything looks awesome- including that nicely folded stash! I love your vintage prints- have you ever thought of showcasing them in a quilt with big 8 or 10 inch blocks?

  9. Great finishes. I'd like to come play in your fabric stash please. Especially those vintage prints!

  10. Wonderful! Your fabric stash makes my mouth water!

  11. Love the quilt finish, but boy you have quite the stash! I love the photo of the stash and those vintage fabrics are just to die for. I know why you are hoarding them.

  12. your stash looks too perfect...i'm wondering if you'll show us a picture tomorrow. My stash stayed that neat for under 24 hours! I did realize HOW MUCH i had, though, and that was a good thing!
    love those Christmas blocks!

  13. Your stash looks PERFECT...wanna come to MY house now?

  14. LOVE the dark plaid borders on that quilt...what a great look.

  15. your stash is beautiful!!!!! isn't it rewarding to see it all folded nicely? i try to avoid storing fabric "away" because out of site, out of mind, right?


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