Saturday, September 12, 2009

giveaway & HOME!

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I'm home! back to NYC!!! Wow!
Coming home was like Christmas around here!

Pixie dust blocks, quilt bee projects, fabric, from super fabric sales this summer,
xmas swap blocks! oh my!

So, I won't bore you with tons of South Dakota vaca pics... but I do a have a few that give us a chuckle when we saw them again.... of course we saw hundreds of buffalo, deer, prong horns etc, but....

It's not often I see someone taller than me!
Geez, i felt short! I think i was in a little bit of shock...
I didn't expect to see Burrows all over....
nor did I expect them to stick there heads inside my car
or start eating my side mirrors!
Way too darn cute.

I couldn't
get service on my iphone out there... note to self....
so I could only post a picture every so often when I found some wifi...
Some thought I was being mysterious.. nope, still trying to figure out my phone...

the pics I had posted were of quilts I sadly did not get to take home with me.... I wanted to!
but the $$ was way to much for my budget. So I took photos of the ones that got away...

But this one found its way home with me...
It was from a collection of stuff from a 98 year old lady who still frequents the antique shop to check on her things... ;-)

She had another quilt there to which I didn't bring with me, this lovely pineapple quilt...

I had to pick one, an the blue & brown one was in better shape...
Also, Since I am making a blue and brown for the other commission quilt,
I had blue and brown on my brain...

And, so back to unpacking stuff around here...
You guys have been so generous!
Amongst the pixie dust blocks, I've rcvd fabrics, thanks Michelle!
soaps and salts! Thank you Tara! (I got your fabrics for the bee balm too!)
Buttons and a fabulous pin cushion from that material girl!
and a quilt book and batiks from Trudi! (great book!)

If I forgot anyone, thank you thank you!

Speaking of pixie dust blocks.
Check out this batch!

Now let's see if i can get this right...
From left to right 4 people here sent two blocks each.
so vertically the first two are from:
Mary C.
Second two vertical are from:
Michelle Sews
Third two vertical are from:
Debbie that material girl
4th row vertical are from:
Tara of tinkerfrog
And the bottom one on it's own is from:
the little Collection
Andrea's is so cute with a raised gathered rose in the middle!

I am waiting on 4 people's blocks... ;-)
Have you got them ready?

Thanks gals! They look awesome, and as soon as I have them all, I will start
figuring out how it will be completed. They all look great!

oh! And speaking of great...

I can't wait to show you what is inside this box... but that will have to wait for another day.
I've got more unpacking to do...
All I can say is, Another charity quilt gather will be happening this fall.
And it will be fun! so stay tuned!

I am swamped with catch up work to do this week. A few fun surprise projects that evolved while I was vacationing... yep, hard to turn off the old noggin...
Some finishes to do, and start the xmas gifts, and commission quilt...

I better rock it now!


  1. Welcome home!
    And if that table is in your place in NYC then I really am positioning myself to be your girlfriend - but for more than the real estate!

  2. happy return home and what fabulous stuff, both to unpack and share!

  3. Welcome Home! Glad you all made it back safely, shame all those quilts couldn't make it with you, but the one that didn't get away is just fab! Happy unpacking!

  4. Welcome home. Yeah! I'm glad you got my blocks (and that I wasn't the last one sending them in, lol). Looking forward to seeing what's in the box.

  5. Glad you got home safe and sound. Love your blue and brown quilt and anxious to see inside that box!

  6. Oh, the anticipation of the pixie dust quilt is nearly killing me! Every time you post pics of new blocks, my heart starts to race because each one is SO AMAZING! I love the fabric, and I love quilter's creativity in using the same fabric to create such diverse blocks. Do hurry!

  7. wowza, that guy must be T-A-L-L!!!! i'm so glad that you shared that photo. :)


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