Monday, September 14, 2009

fall cleaning

5 projects I need to get finished ASAP... but first.

After being away all summer means coming home and fall cleaning...
I've decided two things this summer.
one, I need all my fabric out of the storage bins... it makes a huge difference to have it out so you can see it, and find what you need. I tried that at my summer studio this summer, and loved it. so even though we have nasty black NYC dust, the fabrics have to come out...

and two, I decided I need a second design wall, since I have about 10 quilts in progress at once.
Having two sides of my studio all windows it makes it hard for storage but I think I've worked out a way to make it work, and have more space... fingers crossed.

Right now it's a giant mess...

Told ya! messy messy! rearranging, and folding. I am on my second day of folding...

It looks good right! it's very encouraging... I took doors and backing off my cheap Ikea cabinet, which is very deep, so i can get 4 stacks of fabric per shelf, front and back...
so far I've been able to get everything on it... I have one more bin to go..

Also a good way to realize I don't need more fabric!

Do you have favorite fabrics you wish you had bolts of?
Here's a stack I wish I had more of...
top left:
loft 1800 Moda
middle left:
Building blocks by american jane in green
bottom left:
kaffe Floral stripes
top right:
Cucina by kings road
and the bottom is a vintage fabric:
I've had it for years, and have made 2 pairs of pants for B out of it,
as it's one her favorites too.
I can't use it in case I have to make a 3 a& 4th pair!

And speaking of all time favorite fabrics...

remember the RED quilt? Love the fabrics... Wish I had bolts and bolts...
well, they have it back in print. BUT!
Buyer beware... it is NOTHING like the original...
(19th Century reds)
Very bad printing, off colors....
Funny enough the off white print is the best of the three choices.
It comes in red, off white, and black runs...

Fortunately I am able to return what I purchased...

So. Nothing new to show... but a lot of cleaning this week...

How about you? Got favorite fabrics you wish you had bolts of?
let's hear it!

let me clarify that, I don't actually buy BOLTS of fabric... But I have extreme favorite fabrics, and will often buy 6 yards of them...
But also, i don't buy anything over $3-4 a yard... Sales only!


  1. LOVE your organizing. It looks great. I wish I had another wall, too. I think I'm going to have to put one in the hallway.

  2. I'm dreaming about a glass fronted cabinet or two for when I get my eventual studio space - I'll be able to see the fabric but hopefully keep the dust to a minimum.

    I can honestly say that there isn't much I would want on a bolt. I get bored of fabrics if I use them too many times. There are a couple of times I wish I've bought more than a metre or two of something, but I just adapt and move on.

  3. If you get a lot of sun in the room I'd suggest some sort of cover for your fabric to avoid fading. Maybe one way to be able to have the fabric out but prevent fading and dust would be to create fabric curtains/roman shades for your bookcase. Some kind of contraption where you throw a really long piece of cloth over the top of the bookcase and have it hang down on both sides. Easy to pull to the side, or roll up when you want to dig into your stash.
    No bolt buying for me, but I have been known to hoard favorite fabrics for years! Lately I'm trying to let go and use them up. I tell myself at least they will be in a quilt where I can continue to enjoy them.

  4. oh I will indeed have a cover over the fabrics... it will be something simple to cover at the end of the work day... :-)

  5. Oh my gosh - I'm so jealous of your space!!!! So much of it! So bright!! Amazing!!!

    And I love that red quilt so much my heart pounds. lol

    Your space is going to be amazing.

    As for fabric i wish I'd bought more of - about a year ago, I bought 6 or 7 yards of a soft pink cotton that was on sale - at the time, I had never used pink in a quilt and thought it would last me for years. I ended up making a slightly larger than twin size quilt that used a lot of that pink and now I'm hoarding what I have left - it's the best pink nearly a neutral - goes with everything - I wish I'd bought a bolt of it!!

  6. You wrote ~ "Also a good way to realize I don't need more fabric!"....which cracks me up because I realize that buying fabric has nothing to do with needing it for a particular project and more to do with just wanting it desperately! LOL
    I love my stash though, and even though I will never use it all in my lifetime, I enjoy it.

  7. I agree your fabric needs to be where you can see it. I have mine in an old pie safe with punched tin doors. I do have favorite fabrics that I wish I had bolts of. Mainly solids and dots. I am in a dot stage.

  8. My stash is in Ikea wire drawers, I have 40 of them. They're full!, yes I buy bolts, but generally of good creams, white on white those all rounders! I also buy sale fabrics in 6 yd pieces for backings, Have fabric I love and just can't cut, some is older than 10 years, and of course, there are those I wish I had more of, Oakshott Summer 01 Lettuce.

    The studio is gonna look cool, love the organisation of the stash, and am envious of the space!

  9. the original red print you had is from Blank industries the new red print is from Windham fabrics
    yes it is different
    the Blank iis much better
    its still around if you search for it!

  10. wow--you seem to have so much room for your stuff.

  11. What a great studio! I'm jealous!

  12. despite the mess, what a fabulous space to be able to create in. And, it's need your fabrics where you can see and get to them. I totally agree- it's best to have all your fabrics where you can see them and they are handy. Lovely job on the folding! I am with B...I would want more pants from that fabric too.

  13. a creative mess is better than tidy idleness. :)

  14. I think you need more fabrics :) !!! Such wonderful space & what a lovely, lovely mess!

  15. Doesn't it feel good to just reorganize and really see what you have!? It helps get the creative juices flowing and you get all these ideas. By the way, Love Your Studio! Lucky Ducky :o) I would buy bolts of Mexican prints. Love the bright colors and designs used.

  16. Luv the stuff on your design wall. Looks like you have your work cut out for you with your studio. I can't wait to see the end result (in person). You do have lots of fabric. I usually buy 1/4 yds and sometimes 1/2 yds, rarely bigger cuts than these. (Hence, the reason I have to piece my backs.)

  17. I have to say I'm a bit jealous of your spacious studio!!! As far as fav fabrics go....I love Shangri-La...wish I had a bolt of every bit of Fig Tree Fabrics...and Simple Abundance...Oh, and anything Amy Butler...I'd better stop now...but I could go on and on...I love fabric!!!

  18. Love the idea of taking off the back of your cupboard, don't your fabrics look fabulous showing off like that? One of my favourites was the Sis Boom nuala print (a toile-like print). Couldn't get enough of it! xo


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