Saturday, August 29, 2009

stuff, lots and lots of stuff

2041-50 Benjamin Moore Flat Sea Mist green
here is the color of that cabinet/dresser I used... Many asked for the color and number.
I also have used this color in my bathroom for the ceiling. looks great.

I am on , what I HOPE, is my last batch of ketchup today.
I also started to clean up my studio here, and pack up some of the stuff I want to take back to NYC home and studio. We still come out here to our house on the weekends, so i am trying to decide what I can leave here to play with and won't miss,
when I am playing with stuff in the city...

I decided I would pack up all the tops from the summer,
(9 quilt tops and several blocks started) so I can get backs for most of them.
and then select fabrics by color combos,
that may perhaps become quilts...

here is what i have so far...

I decided I want to make a few more of my own Xmas blocks to match the two i got the other day(see last post) from the swap. I loved the brown in them so much. So I am taking all my little vintage reds and greens back with me and hope to find a few more browns so they go nicely with the other two blocks.

I love this bottom fabric, hot pinks, orange-y browns and maroon.
some combo huh? looks exciting!

I've had this stack sitting here as I plug away on my flying geese quilt...
I may add a few more when I get home to the city. I love the apple greens..

I just got the top three fabrics and I added the chocolate-y brown with it.... Have no idea what will become of them. but I love them and the prints together...
I do need to add some teal blues and lime greens... more of them in the city.

That's as far as I got. it's hard to not just break into them and cut cut cut!
I'm being good. Time to get organized. ;-)


  1. those are some seriously lovely fabrics! i love your combos.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like some gorgeous quilt tops in that stack V, and your fabrics are scrumptious eye candy again.


  3. Love those awesome colors & prints. Have a great weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. I can't imagine leaving some fabric out of reach, because that would always be the one I imagined in the current project.

  5. Wow! Not only a stack of tops, serious work in progress AND another half dozen project in the pipeline. I feel like I've been slacking! Love those hot pinks, gonna have to go stash diving now :-)

  6. You are making me want to make a bunch of flying geese. Happy packing!

  7. I sure don't envy your packing work...that would be so hard to leave fabric and projects behind!

  8. Nice fabrics and original combos as always. Happy stashing!

  9. I'm looking forward to see what creations you make with these fabrics.

  10. That color looks so good on your bathroom ceiling. May need to paint my bathroom!

  11. i LOVE the color of your bathroom ceiling. perfect!!!


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