Sunday, August 16, 2009

itchy fingers

Something to satisfy itchy fingers...

Perhaps my mother will be the lucky owner again of this one...
She's been benefiting from my itchy fingers for her new apartment.

Quilting at the beach? wise or not wise?
maybe not.
What are you working on today?

It's a lovely day in the neighborhood.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Lovely bright and gay colours, how big is this work? Kath

  2. Getting itchy fingers too! Gotta start something new soon :o)

  3. So itchy, but I'm really trying to finish quilting that grass quilt. Today is the day, I can feel it.

  4. Very cute, I have the itch too! Haven't been able to do anything in several days!!

  5. I love quilting at the beach. I spread everything out and just have at it. I love your colorful block, how big is it? I am doing some offset blocks this afternoon.

  6. I'm back in the grove. My fingers are working away on the first blocks for my Mary Mannakee. Your daughter looks so confident on the back of a horse.

  7. Love the colors! I was "unsewing" today!

  8. Oh I love that!! If I can stitch at the softball field, you can stitch at the beach!

  9. Waow: this will brighten your mother's days.
    I've been working on a small country panel. Almost finished so I could soon show it. Have a nice day.

  10. i love this one. how large is it? i have so many projects going right now, i think i need to work on something mini so i can actually complete something.


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