Tuesday, July 21, 2009

home at last

I picked up a bunch of scrap vintage pieces on my outings in MN. I so wish I had more of the blue one in the middle! It's a new york city print, with dancing girls, empire state building, and Winter Garden theater and a few other NY sites.

I found this book in an antique shop, it's one we had on the farm growing up that I poured over as a kid, trying all the different techniques. I have to say, Readers Digest was a big influence for me in the arts department!
We also had a readers Digest book of Great artists, which introduced me to artists I would never have gotten to see until I grew up and moved away from home!
So I had to bring this book home for old times sake.
Have I mentioned I am totally sentimental!

This is my little stash from Amanda jean at crazy mom quilts. hmm, What will become of these sweet batiks??

All the crazy rain I've been complaining about in NY greeted us in a massive rain storm last night. Although, yes, It's great for my flowers, and garden.... I didn't expect to find... in the ten days I was gone....

MONSTER Zucchini! I had NONE when I Left, now I could beat those pesky voles over the heads with one of these!

AND YIKES! I cleaned my garden before i left. And this is the other bonus the rain brings us.
WEEDS!!!! Oh my goodness.
I Am so overwhelmed by this mess, I don't even know where to begin....
Cucumbers and squash have taken over. Tomatoes plants are knocked over by the rains... And I've got lettuce coming out of my ears....

Not to mention I had three commissions come in while I was away! Well, that's cool!
(perhaps I should go away more often!)
A request for two RED quilts, (love the openness and free reign!) and one Blue and brown quilt!

No other direction! I love that! Wish all commissions where that easy! Woo hoo!
This will be fun....

now to decide where to begin... (I still have so much to finish!)


  1. Yeah for commissions! You must tell me more about it! Yeah for great veggies! I want to come eat some with you.

  2. Good for you on the commissions! Can't wait to see what you make!

  3. Hey V, My Grannie had a copy of that same book and now it is mine. Lot's of good stuff in that book. Enjoy your rain, we are praying for it here.

  4. i love the monster zucchini. :) we used to try to feed the overgrown ones to our cattle when we were kids. only one animal ate it. but man, did we have fun with that.

    i can't wait to see your commission quilts! sounds fun!!!

  5. The only plant that has done really well for me has been the zucchini...even pulled out the old zucchini bread recipe this weekend! Enjoy...

  6. Yay to commisioned quilts and monster zucchini! I can't wait to see your quilts. Speaking of quilts, did you get your minis yet?

  7. My Grandi had that book when I was younger. We used it to learn some embroidery stitches. After she passed away about 8 years ago, I wanted the book but no one seemed to know what had happened to it. Happily, it turned up last year. One of my aunts had taken it for safekeeping and when she heard that I wanted to use it for a crazy quilt she sent it on over. Every time I open it I get a rush of happy memories of my Grandi.

  8. great news on the commissions! expect I have the same problem at my allotment!

  9. Reader's Digest books were always a favorite around our house when I was growing up too.

    Love the Minnesota photos - I don't seem to get outside of Minneapolis unless we're flying off to another city.

  10. That is so funny. I grew up on Reader's Digest books, too, and my farm granny had that needlework book! I'm so glad you found it and bought it!


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