Tuesday, June 30, 2009

tuesday ta da

Scrappy happy! More playing and finally a decision. well, maybe...
still a WIP...
But am now loving the way it's going.
Darn, Gotta order MORE fabric.

Might as well go to the beach....

Look who came to play!

Andrea from the little collection came to visit..
Boy, did we have some fabric fun!

We auditioned just about everything I have here,
both on her blocks and mine...

woo hooo! We've decided this needs to be a regular occurrence!
Look at all those delicious colors!

Happy sewing!


  1. Now you're just rubbing it in. Wish I was there - and I LOVE the BB photo! Hooray for sunshine. xo

  2. wish I lived close enough for a play date. loving the progress on both those quilts!

  3. Wow, what a ta da moment! It just gets better with every post, I too wish I lived closer for a play day! I can't imagine what you would do with my stash!

  4. very very very fun. very very very great colours.

  5. You two look like you are having fun. It nice to have like minds. I love the red fabric, it really fits in with the blocks. I know you wanted this to be just scraps but it would make it sparkle.

  6. Such delicious quilts! Looks like a pretty much perfect day!

  7. I love watching the progression of your quilts. You start off in one direction, and ends up totally different. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun on your vacation while being productive at the same time. What a life!

  8. V you need to stop posting pictures of the beach because I am so deperate for some sand & ocean....love the Bumble Beans in the sand ;)
    What great colors in all of your quilts, must be so much fun to get playdates like that, all my playdates are loud and mess up my house...LOL!!!
    Looks like you are enjoying your summer. Love to B!!!

  9. V, Looks like y'all had a great time. I love those big old flowers log cabin blocks. Everything looks great!

  10. i love what you and andrea came up with. how fun to play fabric with a friend!


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