Thursday, June 11, 2009

great rainy day

Batiks are totally new to me. I never "got" them. But since I got a bag of scraps from Shelly to play with in our little swaps, I am totally hooked. I am savoring 1/2" X 1/4" pieces just so I don't run out!

I did make it to a fabric store Thursday. Thank goodness! it's about 45- hour away, but I made it! (And of course got a few goodies to play with... )

Then i asked the lady in the store for a nice place to eat, home cookin' kind of place, as it's a real dull sort of town with not much on main street, and Mickey D's doesn't cut it for me...

She told me where to go, so we go and we walk in and find this place!
Oh my, it was like the twilight zone! Nothing had changed from the 50's in this place!
It was awesome. Check out the old stools, with the original pink seats, boomerang counter tops, and that floor!

The place was entirely intact. Amazing.
Even the building next door was built 6" off this place, so the windows are still there and you look a the brick out the window.

I think it might have been a old rail car at one time, so long and narrow and check out the ceiling...
So cool.
B thought the rice pudding was pretty great! Love those sundae cups!

What a fun day we had! A great find!


  1. Your find is so cool and of course your photos take us right in with you. Wouldn't the floor make a great quilt pattern? Looked below too, you've been having a creative day. Having fun following your planning.

  2. I've seen your blog in a lot of lists--decided to check it out tonight. The name is just too intriguing to ignore. Great photos, interesting reading, fun quilts.
    Love that floor. It's definitely a potential quilt block.
    Did you graduate from Wartburg in Waverly?

  3. I know what you mean about the batiks...they're so awesome. I've started collecting/hoarding them, after a few years of resistance. I'm saving my tiny scraps too. Batik crumb blocks....mmmm!

    What a cool diner you found! Love the "view" out the window!

  4. Those blocks are gorgeous. So colourful. Collectin btiks has become an addiction with me and the trouble is I can't stop. I love them so much.

    That diner is awesome. Did you have the place to youselves?

  5. I love eating in places like that!
    LOVE that floor...and your new blocks fun!
    how lucky there is a quilt shop out there I am shocked!
    hopefully off to Conn to a quilt shop sale today!

  6. OOoooo, those batik blocks sure are cute. I'm glad you get batiks. They can give you alot of bang for your buck. Lots of movement with little effort. They are just plain fun. Happy sewing!
    p.s. Your toes look great too.

  7. Those floor tiles, wow! There is nothing like a bit of interesting architecture or a step back in time to make the day.

  8. Love, love, love the batik blocks! My husband loves diners and we always try to see how many we can find when we are on vacation. Could you tell us what town this one was in? Also, how fun for you to be able to shop with your B. My B is a boy and hates to shop. Fabric is a four letter word in his vocabulary!


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