Friday, June 26, 2009

friday roundup

I wish I had something exciting to post about today. But frankly, not a lot of sewing going on over here... I could tell you about the
WAR going on in my garden with the Voles... But that's exhausting. I could complain more about the lack of sun, although today we had some, Yippee!
I could say I got three projects done this week. But that would be a

I decided I had to get something finished, so I started the quilting on the above quilt, a UFO.
My quilting time has been after 9pm, and often I stay up til 2am, but I don't quite know what I am accomplishing!

This is NO WHERE near any completion... it's a work in constant process...
Like my design wall? I have to tape everything up.(all the white specks)
I don't have any extra batting here...
and that fabric store is so far away.... it will have to do for now.
The colors in this make me so happy though! it's my little dose of sunshine when I come in the studio....

Maybe our playtime, and that quilt above are an influence on each other?
the bright colors?

Well, If I can't sew, I cook. So after freezing more rhubarb today, I decided I had to try a new french bread recipe... not to bad!
I'll have to post that one later on trythisyourself


B will be in camp next week, so I hope to get more accomplished in the sewing department...
I need to finish these and the red cross quilt, so I can get back to making something even more random... The way I like it...woohoo!


  1. I'm jealous.. those rolls are so yummy looking. Wish I liked to bake and cook. Actually.. wish I HAD a Baker or a Cook.

    Adorable little vintage dish towel with the chickens. :-)
    Next week will go really fast I bet.

  2. I enjoy your daily check-ins very much.

  3. well, the quilting you have done is the flower/feather design. baking...always so rewarding-looks yummy.

  4. I appreciate the bright colors in your post! The sun is currently out in Boston, but it's not supposed to last. Isn't pretty fabric such a good escape from the dreariness?

  5. V you always get so much accomplished its ok to have some downtime...I got to bed at 1AM too.....I really like your UFO quilt and the rolls look really good too....
    What kind of camp is B signed up for?

  6. That bread looks yummy...if I were quilting at 2AM I am pretty sure my fingers would be quilted to the piece as I would be quilting with my eyes closed. lol

  7. "i have to finish the red cross quilt so i can get back to making something even more random..." LOL. i like the way you think. :)


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