Sunday, May 31, 2009


So, I've moved quite a bit of sewing stuff out to the house this past weekend. Just need my sewing machine, computer, (with cord!!) and and some summer clothes!

This box, holds my summer projects...
This is whats inside! Do you think this will keep me busy all summer??

These have their backings, batting, and bindings cut, just need to be quilted.

But I also have 3 hand quilting jobs here that are not finished that will come along as well.
My brown/blue flower garden, the red Matisse quilt, and the B/W buildings quilt...

Not to mention one or two of the three on the design wall...
So , yeah, I think I have enough, and am curious to see if I get ANY of them done this summer.

B enjoyed her Birthday at UP! with her buddies... It was a pretty nice movie I have to say. Pixar could do without the tear jerker bits, (why do they always have to have someone die?) But over all. It was well done.

And look who turned up again this weekend? first being in the middle of our driveway two weeks ago... He now was in our pool trying to figure out how to get out! I gave him a hand... See Siobhan, mines friendly.. no snappers here!


  1. I think you'll be more than busy:) Hope you get thm done.

  2. What a summer! If you finish anything, I vote for the B&W buildings quilt -- it's my favorite! Have a great time!

  3. I think you will be busy. The picture of all the quilts on the green grass is gorgeous...I see so many pretty quilts.

  4. Looks like a fun summer, should be enough to keep you out of trouble. Your daughter looks delightful. Treasure each birthday, they grow up so fast.

  5. I think you'll have a hard time getting all that done! Good luck. But I understand about taking lots of gives you choices of what you feel like doing! Choices are always good.

    Looks like your place is a BIG switch from NY! Wow, culture shock?

  6. I'm not sure you will have enough!..and can you stay without a new project, for sure?..Huumm.. ;-)
    How long do you say away?...The summer place is nice but the best place in the know I LOVE your city!

  7. V, Looks like you've got yourself lined out for the summer. I like the picture of your quilts on the grass. Have y'all named the turtle yet?

  8. I was completely distracted by the putting green quality of your lawn! My lawn, on its best day, doesn't look half that good! (Do the math on that one!)

  9. I'm not sure if I shall wish you well on getting them done, or simply enjoying the summer with no pressure. I'll go with the simple enjoyment, with plenty of opportunity to get busy!

  10. Lucky you to spend the summer there....take lots of pix and I bet you will get lots done in the tranquility.

  11. Wow! What a lovely assortment of quilts! And just the kind of to-do-list I would prepare myself :-) Hope you have lots of summery stitching hours ... and that turtle is just too cute - how marvellous to have him/her in your garden!

  12. Oh my goodness! So much fabulousness in your blog. LOVE each and every one of your summer quilt projects. I really hope you get some of these finished this summer! The turtle in the pool is hilarious. Love the puppet theater and horse puppets. Your little B is gorgeous, such a beautiful smile. And I want to come to your summer house!! xo


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