Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Artsy Wednesday

Click images to see them larger.... pretty amazing...

As I strolled around town yesterday, i came upon these windows on lower Broadway...
Windows filled with felted heads by Adam Parker Smith.

They were fascinating. I took a load of pictures, will post more tomorrow, but for now, here's a few... There is a felt exhibition with the Cooper Hewitt National Deign Museum. take a peek. it's sort of interesting...

Cheri at jovialquilts, had pointed it out to me over the weekend, as it was in the NY Times, so it was fun to run across it in the street...
More fun, crafty, NYC pics tomorrow.

Adam Parker Smith Felt heads I'm going out to enjoy a little sun today,
I'll be at the
Folk Art Museum seeing this show:

The only sewing going on around here the last few days,
is this sneak below...
No more new projects for now...

Have a great day!


  1. My son would love those felted heads, especially the one with the brains. Enjoy Paula Nadelstern, she came a spoke to our guild a couple of years ago. Her work is amazing. I love the sneek-peek! It looks great! You have me rubbing my hands together in anticipation. Yipee!

  2. Those heads are amazing...I love to hear about your fabulous outings around NYC!

  3. Those heads are amazing! (Yes, I see YankeeQuilter said the same thing. LOL) A little gruesome, but just amazing!

  4. Great, I'm glad you got to see those! And the folkart museum...well, it's on my list for one of these days. I love seeing your NYC pics as I get starved for that stuff here in corn and soybean country.

  5. Can't believe I lived here all my life and never been to the Folk Art Museum...must see in the fall.
    Cool heads!

  6. Amazing, they almost look like they would come to life at Cirque de Soleil don't they?
    Fabulous NY.

  7. I love looking through your eyes. You see art where others pass right by. I really think you'd enjoy clicking on "the four of us" on my sidebar where krista posted a synopsis of their trip to Argentina. She sees and photographs your kind of viewpoint.

    Thanks for the heads up on the show at the Folk Museum. It will still be there when we are in NYC August.

  8. soo cool. those are awesome. wish I had a couple for Halloween!


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