Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We are ART
Images from our visit to MOMA

Museum of Modern Art, NYC

Sol Lewitt

He has some great drawings up at BEACON, go see!

Marlene Dumas.
Love her stuff... Looks like a quilt, right?

John Baldessari
I will not make any more boring art....

Interloop Architecture.
Exit sign.

Pipilotti Rist installation.

Very Fun. People were actually sleeping on the couch and floor.

I am usually not a fan of Ed Ruscha, but, I really loved this newer panting...

I guess I was very inspired by BLACK & WHITE stuff today. I came home and started to work again on the B&W under construction quilt below. It's growing slowly.

Just waiting on a SUBWAY train


  1. Looks like a perfect day. Did you eat there? And who is the mystery man?

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your NYC adventures with me. I've always dreamed of living there, but at this place in my life I have come to accept that it will not be so. I still love visiting though, and when you post about your "out and abouts" I'm thrilled beyond all reason.
    You made my day today!

  3. I WILL not make any more boring art. Fun black and white in progress!

  4. You make me nostalgic for NYC...I loved every single day I spent there. I had great expectation for MOMA before to visit and it didn't disappoint me. I hope to come back soon...

  5. Awesome day! When I was a kid I vowed to like in NYC when I grew up...but I'm stuck in the midwest. At least I get visit there!
    Your B&W looks terrific.


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