Friday, January 2, 2009

Affirmations for 2009

Daily happenings:
And old very wonky beauty, I hope to finish anyway, in 2009...

Playing with some solids....

We must have been crazy, we went to the beach, it was SO COLD and WINDY..
But how beautiful is that?

It's Snowing again here... the ice is froze to the walls of my house!!

The snow bunnies are multiplying!!

So, I've been trying to think about something INTERESTING to post about... I have nothing new and exciting to work on, just the same two projects I've posted about m ore than once... And frankly, I'm sick of sewing on both the flower garden and my big blue and brown, don't know what to call it flower quilt.

I had some great comments today though. They made me think of a couple different things...
one, hop over to commonplace, she has some really nice thoughts about what she has accomplished this year. Something, I think we are all good at doing, is overlooking the GOOD stuff, so we need to give us hard working ladies and or moms the credit we deserve...

Can you say 5 nice things about yourself? Can you pat yourself on the back for 10 great things you've done for yourself this year?

I think that's a great resolution right there...

I blogged before about what we do in our house, that we start off our day by reading a thought for the day, and then giving everyone in the family a affirmation, and one to ourselves.

I invite all of you to give that one a try.

My favorite, and never get tired of reminding my self is that, I AM ENOUGH.
whoever I am, whatever I do, whatever makes me what I am, I am ENOUGH. I don't need to be more, or less of anything.


So. for me , 5 nice things about myself?

1. I'm generous. I love to give to people.

2.I'm open to learning (MOST) new things. Don't ask me to jump out of a plane, or go scuba diving... I won' do that for nothing.

3. I try every day not to judge. I may not be successful everyday, but it's always at the front of my brain. And I try.

4. I'm creative. It's the one thing I've ever been able to do... and am sure of about myself.

5. I'm a pretty good mom. Pretty good means always room for improvement. If we don' make mistakes we don't learn. I'm learning.


Another comment chat I've had today was with Eileen at eileensattic. She has a give away going on, about favorite fabrics. it lead to a conversation about, 100% POLYESTER!

Which made me think back as a child, my having to sit for hours and cut out hundreds of red, white and blue polyester squares for quilts my mother and grandmother would sew together...
My mother worked for a while at Fingerhut in MN, and she would bring home these, huge, body bag sized, bags of SCRAPS for all the clothes they used to make out of polyester.... MOST of it was, red white and blue... Red squares, red and white striped squares, blue squares, etc... there must be dozens of (somewhat ugly) quilts out there in the family, I you come across one, it was probably cut out by me ;-) ... but precious, don't get me wrong... Lots of trip around the world quilts.

My grandmother who was an arthritic invalid from the age of like 35 or something awful like that, could still sew a mean seam, and made dozens of crazy quilts, and others all out of POLYESTER. It was easy for her to press the needle through the fabric, since her fingers did not bend, nor her arms, or legs for that matter.

I'm still trying to get one of the crazy quilts that my grandmother made me. I left it on the farm, way back when I left... Someday I hope to show you. it may be icky polyester, But it's so precious all the same...

Do you have any great quilting when you were a young one?
Please share them!


In the spirit of AFFIRMATIONS, Here are 5 more blogs worth taking a look at!

Crazy mom quilts, has a great review of her quilts for the past year. Lots of beauties out there...

And SCHNOODLE has finished her 366 days of a block a day project. I'm so in awe that she was able to do this. I tried this for a week before I gave up... She plans on giving a bunch of them away for charities, whic I think is just truely wonderful... go check them out. Its fabulous.

And Mary at Maryquilts, is cranking out some fast beauties. just go see... her dog is so darn cute too...

Lazy gal is gearing up for her move back the U.S. She has some great images from her Amsterdam trip to see and inspire, as she always does!

And A legacy of Stitches has quite a give away going on... She's been busy!


  1. I love the polyester reminicsences! My sister has an all polyester Trip Around the World that my Mom made when I was a preschooler (some 35+ years ago) That baby is as intact and fresh looking as it was in 1975! Stuff doesn't wear out! My mom would lay it out in the basement and pin the squares down to the bedsheet backing, and my younger brother and I would shuffle our feet through it and giggle up a storm. She re-sorted and re-pinned those squares like 10 times!

  2. you know, if a quilt was 100% polyester it could last forever. The problem would be if it were sewn with cotton thread - the poly would just chew through it eventually. cute snow bunnies! thanks for the shout out.

  3. This is a good way to start out the new year.. with affirmations. :-) And I think you should just sew up those solids just like that. well.. unfold a couple of them and cut them first.
    Ya.. I have a sweet story about icky polyester too. But I've kinda learned to appreciate it.. even LIKE it. Lots of fabrics just need to be given a second look at.. and sometimes a second chance.

    Think maybe you need to get yourself a singer featherweight to take with you.. or keep at the other place there. But maybe there is a reason why you don't.. like making snow bunnies and going to the cold beach. BRRRR! :-D

  4. Those are some great attributes you are able to see in yourself. And I love your polyester story - ah, the 70s - I remember them well - my mother used to dress us in matching mother-daughter outfits and they were usually made out of polyester plaid!

  5. Ah yes, mom had saved a lot of her and our old clothes and one year made some quilts out of them. She also used the trip around the world pattern, cut the squares and sewed them together. They were actually really pretty as there were a lot of pastels.

    We didn't quilt as kids, but my mom taught us to sew at a young age and I have been sewing ever since. She started us with doll clothes, then we made our own clothes...I didn't start quilting until about 15 years ago and have been hard at it ever since!

  6. During a quilt documentation day a few years ago I spotted an amazingly bright "amish" quilt...or was it? Nope, it was polyester (the thick stuff) and weighed at least 20 pounds! From a distance though the colors were wonderful...

  7. Neat bow tie quilt top...
    I have a stack of blue and red bow tie blocks somewhere...

    The beach picture pulls me in, the sky color almost reflects the color of the sand.

    Great pictures... and great affirmations. They are good reminders for a new year.

  8. What a lovely post! I love beaches in the winter.
    When our daughters were growing up, every night at dinner we went round the table and each of us said a few good things about our day. It was a nice way to focus on positive things and set the tone for cheerful conversation at dinner.

  9. I love you woncky beauty and yes you need to finish it.

    Can I say I admire you for being able to know and say what your attributes are. I struggle finding anything I like about myself, but I am learning.


  10. It is nice to discover that a lot of us have had the same idea: to drow up a list of affirmation for 2009 and to finish old qilts appear in all list.
    The 5 nice thing about yourself are truly nice!

  11. That's a wonderful thought. "I am enough." I'll jot that down in my schedual book so that I can be reminded every now and again.


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