Tuesday, December 16, 2008

b's gee's Quilt done! finally.

My longest project ever. I started this in September, and finished the Gee's Bend inspired quilt today. B will get her quilt for Christmas After all! AND! grandma made sheets and a throw fleece blanket to go along with it! yippeee! (ok, those who follow it took me 11 Oprahs to complete...)

I have hand quilted quilts before, but never any as complicated as this one. I did not have a set pattern for quilting it as I wanted it to just happen how ever it happened. I know my daughter will be so excited! This will be the first step in updating her room from a sweet little girls room to a big girls room! stay tuned for more pictures after the new year as we paint, cover walls etc...

My other big accomplishment was getting our tree up here in the city. At our house on Long Island we have a fake silver tree, but here we put up a real one, even though they last about a week in the steam heat our building has.... Yesterday is was 60 degrees out, and about 90 in our apartment... good for killing Christmas trees.

Like the table top tree? Actually its a 8' tall tree on top of our steel and glass coffee table... it sits in the middle of our loft. We've in the past had 14' trees, but the last few years, I got tired of putting it up and doing all that work. so we went for a smaller tree we can all decorate, but put it on the table to make it seem like we still have a huge tree! hey! Works for me!

Although we probably won't have any snow.Today we had 5 minutes of flurries, but it still 40 degrees out today, so it doesn't stay. I'm sort of hoping for a warm day after Xmas so I can take out my Harley and have scoot around all the Xmas decorated neighborhoods on long island.

Best thing I read this week: Today's gift.

"Practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty"

It was a bumper sticker.... go figure!

I'm still waiting for my computer to come back. my hubby's computer is so slow! So I haven't been able to check up on everyone's posts... Hopefully Friday I will be back online...


  1. The quilt and quilting are fabulous!

  2. Congrats on finishing it! It came out beautiful! I love you new header, BTW. It's great.

  3. Do you really have a harley? I gotta know!

  4. The quilt is stunning! Congratulations!

  5. wow, this quilt looks amazing! Your hand quilting is stunning! And I love how you set up your tree!

  6. The quilt is so great! What a nice gift for a girl that is getting "big". I think it is a quilt she will not grow to old for, timeless design and colors. What a lucky girl!

  7. Congrats on the finish - B's room is going to look wonderful. great christmas tree and my, what a loft.


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