Friday, November 21, 2008


Cleaning day here... cleaning up all the scraps of fabric and yardage that have gathered on my messy cutting table...

I still needed a doll quilt for a Christmas gift, and B was looking for something to do, since again, no school today with conferences...

So I cut a bunch of blocks out of my scrap bin, and she sewn them together...

I'm thinking this is a fungly quilt 100%. no plan, no looking ahead, just sewn together with whatever was laying around...

Tada! Fun and well, that's about it...


I am so loving having B's help though!


  1. How cute! It is so fun to sew with our daughters.

  2. it is perfect. :-)
    You are a lucky mum! Enjoy these days.

  3. Fungly are the best sort of quilts!


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