Sunday, November 9, 2008

Auto Pilot

So, yeah, I've been on total auto pilot lately... I did actually get groceries this week!~ My family is thrilled... yippeee! food!

So, I am trying to get most of this stuff done for xmas gifts, which is why it seems things are flying out of here... this red and gray one I did last week,
I used up every bit of scraps I could for the back....( trying to not by more fabric...yeah right)
I like how the back turned out... I even left in the salvage for the white line. I figured it worked with the quilt...
and quilted it on the machine, I think I have finally worked out the kinks on my machine... Although I am amazed at how people can do such a beautiful job machine quilting... My stitches are all over the place...

But I am hoping with time, or either I slow down, maybe they will get better...


Designed by B ------------ Designed by V

The quilt on the Left is the one B. designed. I am finally getting that one together, planned pieced quilts make me crazy... I fly better by the seat of my pants...

She is so excited to see it finished. I had to wait for my mother to go to my secret fabric shop in MN, to get me 26 yards of white fabric for a next to nothing price... and then ship it to me... Now I can finish the white border,and get that backing on. B. wants to give it to her 'one and only' cousin for xmas. How can I not get it done?

The one on the right, I just put together last Friday at the end of a day where I got not much of anything else done... I had these cute fabrics, and the Wood grain fabric by dewberry... I love it! Had to do it... I used up all scrap brown to fill it in... but still need to throw a border around the outside, probably more brown scraps...

I'm thinking this one will be better for someone's xmas gift than a different quilt I already made... oh well. Gotta keep them guessing in case they're reading along...


  1. fun fun quilts. your machine quilting looks wonderful!

  2. Love all of the quilts that you showed. I really like the x one and the circle one. And yes, with practice, your machine quilting stitches will get better - although they looked great to me!


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