Tuesday, October 21, 2008

while the camera was gone

updated.... top done...ON TO QUILTING...

I can't believe I have my camera back! I'm so happy! no more scratches on my lens, it make sounds it never made before, its clean! the colors! No more bad camera phone pics... for now...

So above is the update on the "Get Well Soon" quilt... I took a break from it for a bit, It's been laying on my pool table to long... Luckily having a huge pool table doubles as a great layout area for my quilts... ;-)

This quilt has been laying around here for about 6 months, I finally got it out and finished it... I hand quilted the insides of the squares and then embroidered in pink, the design out. Machine quilted the outside part, and completed the binding! Now that I know how to do it! This was to be B's quilt, until she snatched up my Gee's bend inspired one... No I have to get that finished... hand quilting the whole thing... it's slow going..

This is just a better picture of this one, I finished the binding as well,
I love how it turned out... I machined quilted it like crazy... it was quite fun...

This will be a xmas gift... can't say more... One of 6 more I need to make this year...It's ready to be machines quilted... Will get to that tomorrow... I hope...


  1. I just love, love, LOVE that Get Well quilt! It's wonderful.

  2. Would you teach me how to make those pieced letters? They are so great!

  3. I love that second to the last photo...the quilt is so very and utterly fantastic! wow!

  4. I love the get well quilt too. Who are you making it for?


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